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God save me for I kill em wit a underrated success prayers 3 times a day but ain't feeling like im blessed im on a quest to create change bang💥 im down... tha funny thing about it you won't even hear a sound society built Mann !!! to break a brother down but im mixed with some color so to some whites im a circus 🎪 im clown if you can't grasp what im saying you probably slow in tha head im given you true knowledge you know something to think about why you lay in your bed to be a true leader you gotta lead our youth right👍 cause all these countless murders on tha news is making us loose sight nobody gives a fuck until its knocking at your door 🚪 this generation out of control and they confidence real low if you don't stand for something now then you'll fall everything if are children are a future why they teaching em its cool to gang bang you can be anything you want but dope was tha only option⚫ they don't listen to authority 📣 maybe they could of had a better chance if they was put up for adoption I wish my kids could portray a life like tha kids on tha Disney channel even if they nailed tha audition do u really thank they will make tha panel❓❓❓ I see things from a far👓but I can't manipulate what I s👀 I just strive to be a great father and tha best that I can be see wasn't nobody there to hold my hand ✋ I probably could of used a little help 🚪 if there was something I wanted I had to grind and go get for myself im tha true definition of a nicca pulled through now I do if for my family 👪 so don't do they like mountain dew just focus and do you......TRUANCY OUT ✌ THANX FOR THE SUPPORT CAUSE NOW IM A PROBLEM 💣💥 #FOLLOWME👈 IG#TRUANCYSWORLD #THECOLDESTSINCEPAC #FREESTYLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#Slapthatlike 👍🚨


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