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Instagram post by @elizabethwarrenma Elizabeth Warren

Thank you @massdems for another great #mdpconvention! It is an honor to fight side-by-side with you.


  • 3w ago realcharlie1018 realcharlie1018

    @sissylalala you can't possibly believe that ? What power does this hypocritical pos have ? NONE to be exact! What change has lying Lizzie brought to D.C. ? NONE to be exact! What is GREED ? Only republicans are greedy right? Lizzie is worth 8 million, the Clinton's are worth almost a 100 million and Barry and his man will easily surpass that in a year. Explain again about greed ?

  • 3w ago realcharlie1018 realcharlie1018

    @colinself brave about what? Rhetoric isn't bravery just words, they are worthless much like lying Lizzie the hypocritical pos @elizabethwarrenma

  • 3w ago squirrelbait17 squirrelbait17

    @realcharlie1018 you don't believe that your government controls your life now wake up. They watch you every day. Try going some place without your id. They know everything there is to know about you. All Bernie wanted was a fairness for everyone not just the so called special elite ones. The rich and powerful take advantage of you and everyone else. But then tell you it's the government that's the problem with this country. The problem is their being watched by the EPA and other agencies that watch them. And uou seem to believe all their propaganda bull. That some how what they can't get away with is affecting you more then it is them. But it's not.

  • 3w ago rutrowtutrow rutrowtutrow


  • 3w ago bigmoneymustdie bigmoneymustdie

    @jamesrbyrne as is Bernie Sanders were not the most popular politician in the country. As if the Democratic National Convention weren't being sued for undermining their voters and pushing the "practical and intelligent"™ HRC, despite only being marginally more popular than Donald Trump. The harping and complaining senator from Vermont would've beaten Trump by 20% of the vote, just look at early election polling.

  • 3w ago bigmoneymustdie bigmoneymustdie

    As if*

  • 3w ago spitsplice spitsplice

    Thank you for your hard work and persistence! You are a remarkable person. We appreciate you.

  • 3w ago bigmoneymustdie bigmoneymustdie

    @realcharlie1018 I feel similarly that Warren has been hypocritical at times, pointing her finger everywhere EXCEPT within her own party. If she made fewer compromises in order to fully support GRASSROOTS progressives, I think she'd be a much bigger help to her constituents. The DNC leadership are not people she should be making major concessions with, because they're simply not interested in major change. Hopefully she'll realize that she doesn't need their permission or support.

  • 3w ago tazworldartz tazworldartz

    Another woman's movement."

  • 3w ago n_magnani n_magnani

    Love you!!! Thank you for all you do#resist

  • 3w ago peachandradish peachandradish

    Will definitely vote for you ma'am! #2020

  • 3w ago evdokima evdokima

    You, Maverick. 2020, please. We will elect you. #she

  • 3w ago skymommy3 skymommy3

    @elizabethwarrenma PLEASE continue to fight the good fight!!!!! Millions of us Americans are standing behind and with you all the way to 2020 and further!!!!! 🇺🇸❤️

  • 3w ago nathandavis.fl nathandavis.fl

    I will take time off of school to work for your campaign 😍

  • 3w ago jmehowru jmehowru


  • 3w ago dianaddisonsteele dianaddisonsteele


  • 3w ago pato_la_colombiana pato_la_colombiana

    You're inspiring!

  • 3w ago altcinevault altcinevault

    :-) @elizabethwarrenma

  • 3w ago mimomel mimomel

    You are an inspiration!

  • 3w ago michs1966 michs1966

    Do you mean trump's agenda @b_anonymously? If so, you got it backwards - he's the treasonous one.

  • 3w ago shay_wei.strauss shay_wei.strauss

    I say again please run for president when I grow up I want be just like you I want to be senator of Massachusetts when I grow up like you

  • 3w ago ellenscheurer ellenscheurer

    Love you Senator Warren! Thank you for all you do - and if you decide to run, you've got my vote!

  • 3w ago ole_large_1 ole_large_1

    Plz run in 2024

  • 3w ago _checksup _checksup

    If u decide to run . U definitely has my vote. It's time for a woman to take control of the white house.

  • 3w ago _checksup _checksup

    Warren for president

  • 3w ago camielmom camielmom

    Thank you, Senator Warren!!! #YetShePersisted

  • 3w ago calijoewinelvr calijoewinelvr

    ⚠️‼️⚠️‼️⚠️ ELIZABETH WARREN IS A FRUAD ‼️⚠️‼️⚠️‼️

  • 3w ago terrierlover217 terrierlover217


  • 3w ago susaneheller susaneheller

    She is not trustworthy! £

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