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Instagram post by @dr.joelseedman_ahp Joel Seedman

@stackmedia featured my kneeling olympic lifts video and description.

These have helped many of my clients increase hip drive and explosiveness and transfer both to their chosen sport.
But after experimenting a little further, I've also found that they are a highly effective way to correct the faulty 'jump'n'stomp' pattern you often see with clients use with explosive lifts.

See the video and article at link in bio or http://www.stack.com/a/try-kneeling-olympic-lifts-to-build-explosive-power

Live well, train hard. #STACK #kneeling #olympiclifts #clean #snatch
#hipdrive #explosive #transfer #stopthejumpandstomp #explosivelifts #technique
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  • 37w ago doroudis doroudis

    Congratulations for getting featured Doc! 👏👏 Would you also recommend a kneeling variation of kettlebell snatches and cleans?

  • 37w ago dr.joelseedman_ahp dr.joelseedman_ahp

    @doroudis great question, yes it can also work for those however it's not quite as conducive as kettelbells tends to feel a bit more natural with a wider stance (as the kettlebells fit between the legs) whereas with barbell variations the weight goes in front of the body with a closer stance. So you would have to use a close stance moving from the side of the body with the kettebells which would definitely work it would just be a bit unconventional and a bit unnatural. Hope that helps. Thanks

  • 37w ago mkapsa mkapsa

    👏 Bravo! 💪🏋️‍♀️

  • 37w ago dr.joelseedman_ahp dr.joelseedman_ahp

    @nurse_martha77 ha ha thanks so much

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