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  • 2w ago buddy_infidel buddy_infidel

    What an ugly basterd muzzie bitch

  • 2w ago tzioneretz tzioneretz

    She must have the right to speak just as do "our" speakers. Gatecrash her talk and, politely, ask her some probing questions to show how dumb she is.

  • 2w ago patriot__1 patriot__1

    Perfect time to drop a nice MOAB on the place

  • 2w ago patriot__1 patriot__1

    Perfect time to drop a nice MOAB on the place

  • 2w ago sahmroman sahmroman

    Sarsour means a "donkey" in arabic & "pimp" in hebrew. The unholky alliance of the axis of evil between the muzzies, commiez & nazies must be prohibited legally. Turn to ur Rep!

  • 2w ago bryanabloom bryanabloom

    Thank you!!!

  • 2w ago bdogged bdogged

    Not hiding are they

  • 2w ago adibtinsta adibtinsta

    @sahmroman . Allow me to correct: Sarsour means Cockroach in Arabic

  • 2w ago dghakes dghakes

    I was a Pastor for 25 years, but come from a long line of military. I think of myself as military first, then Pastor. I'm very happy to be one of your followers. I wanted to be on your friends list, but it was full. You remind me of some of our great military leaders.

  • 2w ago hmwaej hmwaej

    Awful. She's promoting terrorism, oppression of women, and racial & religious bigotry 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • 2w ago dr.erics_art dr.erics_art


  • 2w ago judyjacobs5229 judyjacobs5229

    Why is this trick still in the United States?

  • 2w ago fishermanpat19 fishermanpat19

    Evil bitch!

  • 2w ago montoyarobert montoyarobert

    That piece of shit Muslim...

  • 2w ago hstw4812 hstw4812

    Can stand that woman!!!

  • 2w ago 2016parrots 2016parrots


  • 2w ago deniseestephan deniseestephan

    Wtf! are they for real! Well the Government can just investigate everyone that attends that now.. and add them all to the watchlist. Or worse. Evil terrorists.

  • 2w ago jcz_aborist jcz_aborist

    What town is the happening in???

  • 2w ago iamhe.72nd iamhe.72nd

    Yeah...where do the ignorant come to hear the ignorant speak?

  • 2w ago its_ewe_organic_west_australia its_ewe_organic_west_australia

    Fought too hard against gender violence child abuse and fgm to EVER find this type of archaic anti human standard tolerable.Sarsour is the lowest form of female..the sadistic anti-female breed.

  • 2w ago saharadash saharadash

    Why can't they get rid of her.

  • 2w ago reevescalvin reevescalvin

    That's NYC for you

  • 1d ago alinakrohnmakes alinakrohnmakes

    Amen for all those supporters of the American way! SHAME ON LINDA AND CUNY

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