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LIMITED INVENTORY TEE - Get your Power Junkies Tee now!
Click on the link in our BIO.
When we say limited inventory we mean 3 shirts left, get them before our guys find out we still have some left. #powerjunkies #truthinpower If you want us to print more shirts and hats let us know in the comments!


  • 98w ago standard_cycle_company standard_cycle_company

    Hell ya!

  • 98w ago morrisond1979 morrisond1979

    @hellions_vp totally agree, between the power vision tuner and the autotune module for the power vision, it cost damn near $1000 ud think a tee wouldn't be a big deal,but ya can't even get a sticker!

  • 4w ago luciademosteyrin luciademosteyrin

    Hi guys! I only saw this post now (yeah... almost 3 years later...) Any plans to have this t-shirt in stock again? I would love to buy it! Sorry for the two-years delay lol

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