Instagram post by @octohawk Katie

I tried to use my feet for scale, but this lady was still SO much bigger than she looks here. One of the biggest softshell turtles I've seen. I love them ❤


  • 54w ago _waywardwoman_ _waywardwoman_

    Sooo cute, I'm always looking for them! That little snorkel nose kills me every time!

  • 54w ago octohawk octohawk

    @a.wayward.woman they've always looked like a nerd to me. I love how it looks like they wear glasses and have some serious orthodontics.

  • 54w ago a_lonewolf a_lonewolf

    There are several in the lake/pond we live on. They seem to be very curious creatures. They swim over and pop their heads out of the water every time I take my dogs out for their morning poopie time. They seem to watch us.

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