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Instagram post by @pamelageller Pamela Geller

Thank you Lehigh Tea Party for an amazing event!


  • 24w ago akasamsonsgym akasamsonsgym

    Standing tall...uh..seated... yeah, standing tall.

  • 24w ago 818.2the503 818.2the503

    Awesome Pamela!!!!

  • 24w ago sahmroman sahmroman

    Long live cinservative right wing! Left is theft!

  • 24w ago ptdheeraj ptdheeraj


  • 24w ago lasallewilliam lasallewilliam

    Liberals and Democrats are pure evil.

  • 24w ago lasallewilliam lasallewilliam

    Obama's and his family's Kenya. Kenya Main article: Religion in Kenya The Westgate shopping mall attack occurred in September 2013, with gunman killing 67 people and wounding more than 175 others. The attackers asked Muslim civilians to recite the Shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, then proceeded to shoot and kill the rest. The attack was claimed by Al-Qaeda offshoot Al-Shabbab. The 2014 Mpeketoni attacks by Al-Shabaab killed 60 Christians. The 2015 Garissa University College attack involved similar tactics, with gunman releasing Muslim hostages, then killing 148 people who they identified as Christians. In December 2015, Islamic extremists belonging to al-Shabab ambushed a bus travelling through Mandera in Kenya. They told the Muslims and Christians passengers to split up, that they were going to kill the Christian passengers. However, the Muslim passengers refused it, shielding the Christians. At least two people were killed in the attack and three others were injured. On January 19, 2016, Salah Farah, a Muslim teacher who was among the passengers, died of his injuries in hospital

  • 24w ago lasallewilliam lasallewilliam

    There are not fifty shades of gray. Whether you worship our God or choose other gods or choose to believe there is no god, there is only good and bad, right and wrong, and you help people or you hurt people. In our world you can share love with each person you meet with each word and with each action or you can be like the socialists, liberals, Democrats, and Muslims and spread evil and pain every where you go. https://www.amazon.com/Sharia-versus-Freedom-Islamic-Totalitarianism/dp/1616146664

  • 24w ago vicente6615 vicente6615

    I love you pamela

  • 23w ago cashyearwsop cashyearwsop

    The more I hear Hillary...is it possible ? ... Hillary 💋 Al Gore ?

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