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oh friends i have a confession to make.
i've been feeling pretty horrible and sorry for myself these last few days.
actually for much longer than these last few days.
for quite some time now.
i've been bathing myself in pools of self pity and rinsing off in rivers of sorrow.
i could go into all of the ways and whys in which so many things have been messing up, not working, breaking and going horribly wrong but that's not really the point.
the point is that despite what i lack, despite the places i see emptiness, i am still surrounded by such fullness.
there was a time i was praying and wishing for what i now have.
what has now become my norm. what i now take for granted.
there was a time when certain things i have in my life weren't there and i wanted them so desperately.
how easily i drop gratitude once my before-then empty hands have been filled with the object of my desire.
how easily i see past and through the things i already have across to the things i do not. •
after a few days of being jarred out of my routine i am home again in my castle and overwhelmed by this reminder of how important gratitude is.
i felt it so acutely walking into this space (despite yet another unpleasant thing awaiting me at my doorstep...). things are messy right now.
but that's okay.
this weekend is going to be filled with loved ones and of all the fullness my life is filled with, they are truly the kind of filling i am most grateful for. --------


  • 62w ago plaid.and.peaches plaid.and.peaches

    Hey Leney! I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling horrible. I hope this weekend filled with your loved ones restores your inner spirit. I send you hugs💖🌹🌼

  • 62w ago jewelpeach jewelpeach

  • 62w ago heatherand2girls heatherand2girls

    I completely understand. I'll just give you one example of many...I used to wish I could just lay in bed all day and do nothing. Sounds divine right? Now I have a medical condition that often keeps me in my bed...and it drives me crazy!! I have learned to just truly appreciate every moment for what it is (but I find that hard to actually put into practice). Thanks for sharing your heart.

  • 62w ago lilja_bjarna lilja_bjarna

    Such an inspiration

  • 62w ago katrinaajoyce katrinaajoyce


  • 62w ago kirrinbee kirrinbee

    Wishing you many lovely things and feels ❤

  • 62w ago esther_de_waard esther_de_waard


  • 62w ago lsjourney lsjourney

    You're a fantastic writer and fabulous artist. Mad respect and digging your vibe. Inspiring work chica 💛 Thank you @minimyarnism for turning me on to this feed.

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