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Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

So I needed some corned beef for a recipe, so I did a quick search and ordered a 4-pack from Amazon (Japan). When it arrived, I noticed for the first time that it was called "New Corned Meat", not "corned beef". "Hahah", I say to my mother jokingly, "corned meat! Maybe it has horse in it or something." I take a closer look and...yep, right there on the front, it says "horsemeat (baniku) and cowmeat (gyuuniku, beef)". !! Not that I am adverse to horse meat...it's low in fat and pretty good. But you know, I was expecting corned beef, so. The lesson for the day is: read the description and label better, especially when shopping online. It would be helpful if they put a little picture of a horsey on the tin though. 😅 (Note, corned *beef* is also available on Amazon Japan.) #readthelabel

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