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Maybe the most beautiful port-o-potty spot I've ever seen (but I still peed in the bushes).


  • 54w ago offshoretom offshoretom

    Majestic! 😳

  • 54w ago _ellisonbay_ _ellisonbay_

    Haha! I would have too 😂

  • 54w ago gilbertgreensgardening gilbertgreensgardening

    Looks like a hot box

  • 54w ago octohawk octohawk

    @_ellisonbay_ I HATE port-o-potties. And most public restrooms. I sometimes pee in my backyard when I'm too lazy to go inside.

  • 54w ago _ellisonbay_ _ellisonbay_

    Same!!! Haha I'm notorious for going to the bathroom outside, I find it humorous of people scared to go outside. It's natural ❤️😂

  • 54w ago maureenelizabeth77 maureenelizabeth77

    @octohawk me, too! 😄

  • 54w ago sososteph sososteph

    @octohawk samesies.

  • 54w ago havesteph.willtravel havesteph.willtravel

    Last time I tried to pee in one of those I threw up because of the smell and because I also accidentally looked down. My stomach still turns just thinking about it. Never again- I would rather pee my pants. 😷

  • 54w ago amanda.mims amanda.mims

    @havesteph.willtravel 😂 I'm scarred for life after seeing the ones at Little River in late summer 😷💀

  • 54w ago havesteph.willtravel havesteph.willtravel

    @amanda.mims I feel your pain. 😷

  • 54w ago amanda.mims amanda.mims

    These things make no sense (but neither do water-based toilets for that matter). It would be so much more sanitary if there were the equivalent of a kitty litter box inside instead of a plastic hole for everything to fester. These are about as inefficient and disgusting as they could possibly be.

  • 54w ago octohawk octohawk

    @amanda.mims I've never even gotten into the efficiency of them. They're just repellant and unusable.

  • 54w ago lemon__wood lemon__wood

    imagine being the shit sucker truck operator. it's a shitty job that's for sure... the washing stations that accompany many of these vile things scare me more... where does the water actually come from? 😳

  • 54w ago a_floridaman a_floridaman

    AirBnB $40/night

  • 54w ago alanw4442 alanw4442

    That's my girl! (And to think that I couldn't even get you to pee in a 5 gallon bucket on the Azz Hol when you were 8 years old)

  • 54w ago cozmiccadet cozmiccadet

    Peeing outside for the win- always 🙌

  • 54w ago parisbug parisbug

    We call it 'Pipi Nature' from our Frenchie life--though the Frenchies take it way too far, to the point of disgust & ruining monuments--and bébé MJ happily copies his big sister Freya outside peeing in the yard 😂

  • 54w ago cwgay cwgay

    I taught you well,yah?

  • 54w ago octohawk octohawk

    @alanw4442 it wasn't the Azz Hol

  • 54w ago octohawk octohawk

    @cwgay maybe too well

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