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Paper dolls and puppets were always my favorite toys to make as a child. (And prob still are). I recall my parents having a date night every Friday night and we were left with a sitter for what was fondly called "cut-and-paste night". This just meant that we got out the scissors and paste and went crazy cutting up magazines, paper, you name it and then we would paste together epic stories, plays, creations and more. It was dreamy for me. It's this type of creative and slow childhood that I'm trying harder to cultivate with my kids and share with all of you. What is a favorite making memory you have from your childhood? When you were able to #playcreatively? I'd love to hear! | puppets from my printable party pack in the @merrileeliddiardshop. Just add fabric scraps for clothing and a stick and you're ready to entertain!


  • 50w ago funk_it_up_interiors funk_it_up_interiors

    Makes my heart sing! I wallpapered with my mom!!!

  • 50w ago sarahjanestudios sarahjanestudios

    I adore these!!!

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  • 50w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @funk_it_up_interiors oh I totally remember wallpapering with my mom. The best. πŸ‘Œ

  • 50w ago gabywinters gabywinters

    Yes! I grew up playing creatively. At 6, I took sewing lessons with my mom. At 7, I took painting lessons with my mom as well. My aunt taught me to knit at around 11. But my favorite was to draw and design clothes for my paper dolls. All that was fun! I try to fight the new plugged era and raise my boy crafting and being creative too.

  • 50w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @gabywinters oh I love all these creative memories πŸ’«

  • 50w ago pupabel pupabel

    i love your parents had a date night every week 😍

  • 50w ago andreamckeen andreamckeen

    We used to break up old crayon bits and put them in muffin tins to melt in the oven into new circular rainbow crayons!

  • 50w ago heatherpalmeri heatherpalmeri

    These are fab πŸ‘πŸ»

  • 50w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @heatherpalmeri thanks dear 😘

  • 50w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @andreamckeen oh I love that! Totally remember that melting wax smell

  • 50w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @pupabel I know right!? I need to adopt that

  • 50w ago opeeqo opeeqo

    What a wonderful memory! ❀️

  • 50w ago vancitymaisonette vancitymaisonette

    Cut and paste night! I love that. My paper dolls were some of my favourite toys as well ❀️

  • 50w ago sphynx_and_prince sphynx_and_prince

    My favorite one - i can still recall it clearly after 20+ years - when i was left alone home for hours because i only had my mom and she had to go to work on a school break; and so i built this real big Barbie doll house out of simple notebook papers (which were really thin but couldn't stop me); and i glued the walls together by that ugly brown colored fat tape because that was all i had. Before i glued them i drew all the windows and doors on them by a blue pen, rugs on the floor. I was so happy with the result (which was probably not that pretty at all)!! πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

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  • 50w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @sphynx_and_prince oh I love this memory. Best Barbie dream house 🏑 no doubt

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