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Instagram post by @nickhowardmusic Nick Howard

Tickets on sale tomorrow! #offtherecord

JUL 14 Live in Hamburg

JUL 15 Live in Berlin

JUL 27 Live in Köln



  • 28w ago kris_tina_x kris_tina_x

    @danuika ?

  • 28w ago whyi_am whyi_am

    You drive a hard bargain mr H. Can't come to Köln as will be in the air on my way to my niece's wedding, but the bait is so seductive, will try very hard to get to Berlin! :)

  • 28w ago reachingfortheopensky reachingfortheopensky

    see you in Berlin! 😄❤

  • 28w ago danuika danuika

    @kris_tina_x ooohhh. Ich möchte. 😍

  • 28w ago jean9lee jean9lee

    Hamburg ⚓ 😍

  • 28w ago jean9lee jean9lee

    Hamburg ⚓ 😍

  • 28w ago nathalie5597 nathalie5597

    See you in Hamburg 🎵😊

  • 28w ago cabbage.bunny cabbage.bunny

    Nooooo why everything at once. I wanna buy tix for Harry Styles tomorrow, not you too. Aaaah

  • 28w ago fabs.walter fabs.walter

    I can't come because of school😕too many exams

  • 28w ago patze1205 patze1205


  • 28w ago nadjalichte nadjalichte

    See you in Hamburg 🙋🏼😍

  • 28w ago mickyfrentzel mickyfrentzel

    I'd come if i could, but i'll get my 2nd baby in the next 6 weeks ;)

  • 28w ago i_am__annemarie i_am__annemarie

    Schade, da kann ich leider nicht😕

  • 28w ago ms_momsen ms_momsen

    Damn. I fly on the 26th on holidays and Cologne is the only city near me.. hopefully I will have more luck next time

  • 28w ago cabbage.bunny cabbage.bunny

    Gekauft. Wir sind dabei! Wuuuhuuu #bestelltum3.01Uhr

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