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RIP Benjamin Hoppe


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    AMAZING WORDS FROM A BROTHER TO A BROTHER Benjamin Hoppe 1988 - 2017 Some time during the days between last Sunday and Wednesday our beloved brother, son and friend decided to end his life. Benjamin has been the greatest inspiration and the strongest fighter. Benjamin has struggled with his own mind for as long as he himself can remember. At the same time he has accomplished things most ordinary humans can only dream about. All the time fighting his demons and having such high standards set for himself no person would be able to meet them.

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    But, it wasn’t the accomplishments that people who met him remembered afterwards. It wasn’t the prizes he won or the things he built. When Benjamin, no matter how hard he tried not to, entered a room he was the immediate center. We all wanted his attention and he gave it. No matter the situation, no matter how much it cost him, he saw us and we felt special. The first selfish act he ever committed was when he chose peace before us. It leaves us with a hole that can never be filled. Yet, only understanding parts of how hard he fought for our sake for so many years, makes it impossible to feel anything but love. He hasn’t wanted life for himself for many years but chose to keep fighting because he knew how hard it would hit us if he didn’t.

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    And he gave it an honest try. Which for Benjamin, as always, meant going all in. He studied, he planned every hour of every day, he talked and he allowed himself to feel. Last summer he found a program that he believed in. During last fall he had his longest period of something many of us take for granted, a feeling of not wanting to be dead. The core of the program was to accept your feelings and acknowledge them as mere feelings. That all of us are to varying extent trapped in a world where we don’t actually talk, where we don’t allow ourselves to feel, where we set materialistic goals instead of finding what true values we believe in.

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    The last project he worked on was a blog to help other people overcome their mental illnesses by sharing his story and experience and give counseling. Unfortunately he never fully solved the puzzle and when a mental setback came he was too tired to keep fighting. If there is something you want to do to honor him and our grief - sit back and think for a minute. Think about that one person you know who fights his or her demons. Think about that one person who won’t let you love them. Those are the ones who need it the most. Talk to them. Don’t give up until you come through. And if you don’t, try again. And again. And be with them. Love them. Let go of your prestige. Let yourself be a pain. Show them you love them. You will always be with us. We miss you so much and we love you so much.

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    So sorry to hear this Ian. Sending a digital hug. ❤️

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    So very very sad. 🙏🏻 finally at peace

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    So sorry to hear this sad news. Hugs x

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