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These Russian stars dont come with a small price tag. Shipachyov is reported as being uninterested in signing with Montreal, as "bigger offers are on the table." Kovalchuk's rights are with the Devils, but a sign and trade is possible if he doesn't want to play for New Jersey. Which teams desperately need a high scoring top 6 forward? #IlyaKovalchuk #VadimShipachyov #KHL #OffSeason #NHL


  • 32w ago mellownative mellownative


  • 32w ago matt_simon19 matt_simon19


  • 32w ago dweis821 dweis821

    @nhl.feeds flyers!!

  • 32w ago jb._.1988 jb._.1988

    I'll take an 18 y/o kid from the CHL, NCAA, or US dev program who actually wants to play and win vs some money hungry Russian coming back any day

  • 32w ago twistybread twistybread

    @nylandershusband Wings would have been nothing? So Scotty Bowman, Lidstrom, Yzerman, Shanahan, Hasek, Hull, Robitaille, Murphy, Osgood, Draper, Maltby, Lapointe, Holmstrom, Zetterberg, Rafalski, Chelios, Kronwall, Franzen etc etc. "absolutely nothing"? Fedorov, Larionov, Kozlov were good and helped. but dont get carried away The Red Wings were a contender with and then later without them.

  • 32w ago uncledamfee uncledamfee

    Kovy was good, but a player in his mid 30's who probably wants more than he is worth is a tough sell. The NHL has gone into full swing this season with younger, faster teams taking over. His old pal Heatley is the same age, and size but he can't hang in the New NHL anymore.

  • 32w ago moneydontsleep213 moneydontsleep213

    Since when was Ilya a top 6 forward?

  • 32w ago jayjatsura jayjatsura

    San Jose

  • 32w ago wildridesandfabrication wildridesandfabrication

    High scoring?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 32w ago kingofcalifornia67 kingofcalifornia67

    Kings lol

  • 32w ago ngttucker ngttucker


  • 32w ago nick_loparrino nick_loparrino

    @marc.loparrino sign this man

  • 32w ago thedimaim thedimaim

    @twistybread a lot of those people weren't around during the Russian era that you named. Without them they wouldn't have won any of those cups. They made that team complete the same way Marner, Matthews and Nylander make the Leafs a complete team. Those guys were irreplaceable, you can't honestly think they would have been as good without them. That I don't get. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • 32w ago twistybread twistybread

    @nylandershusband you said they would be absolutely nothing. without Fedorov, Larionov, Kozlov, Konstantinov they wouldnt have been as good. but they would have been a lot better than "absolutely nothing"

  • 32w ago twistybread twistybread

    @nylandershusband the leafs are far from a complete team.

  • 32w ago thedimaim thedimaim

    @twistybread the leafs are a complete team, they may not be the best but they are complete. They made the playoffs and gave the Caps a run for their money

  • 32w ago aehs_kcaj aehs_kcaj

    Maybe Kovy to LA

  • 32w ago petermankowski petermankowski


  • 32w ago david_james_kuck david_james_kuck

    Montreal is in need of offense, send it

  • 32w ago 87brodee71 87brodee71

    Las Vegas would make him captain or I could see him in Toronto they would pay him sm money to play there like $11 mill a season

  • 32w ago zackfeatherstone zackfeatherstone


  • 32w ago jaakkokas_ jaakkokas_

    Welcome back, Ilya

  • 32w ago dantremblay22 dantremblay22

    @sean_e_mcvey @christopher_staines @madelikemike

  • 32w ago dantremblay22 dantremblay22


  • 32w ago jburke18 jburke18


  • 32w ago mhinkel55 mhinkel55

    @ahowe84 Kovalchuk coming back?

  • 32w ago luigi.fort luigi.fort

    We need one of these in montreal

  • 32w ago knadon9 knadon9

    @luigi.fort true

  • 32w ago knadon9 knadon9

    I hope Montreal gets kovalchuk

  • 32w ago knadon9 knadon9

    Instead Montreal are not signing shipapyov because he was asking to much money

  • 32w ago dylanzuko dylanzuko


  • 32w ago alden.thompson alden.thompson


  • 32w ago nickparadies nickparadies

    Isn't kovalchuk still contracted by the Devs?

  • 32w ago jeremylavoie31 jeremylavoie31

    @nickparadies you clearly don't read do you

  • 32w ago eetujokinenn eetujokinenn

    sharks xdd

  • 32w ago must_be_kenmar must_be_kenmar

    @wes.mazurng how's the golf course bud!!

  • 31w ago j_alvarez_1975 j_alvarez_1975

    Kovachoke walked away from his big signing with the devils who the hell would give him a chance in his mid 30s

  • 31w ago theorenwest theorenwest


  • 31w ago andrewberberich andrewberberich

    Devils should off him a very team friendly deal and refuse to negotiate ... they are his only way to getting back in the league... because they'd never sign off on him going elsewhere unless it is in a sign and trade

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