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I know everyone is raving about Bette Midler's performance in #hellodolly. She was adequate. Gimme the old gay bath Bette anytime. The audience was mad for her. If this is a tour de force the bar is unimaginably low.


  • 55w ago nexiano nexiano

    You're always wonderful

  • 55w ago sahmroman sahmroman

    U r beatyful. I'm glad u had a good time with wonderful.Bette!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€

  • 55w ago da_commander da_commander


  • 55w ago kimmikj5 kimmikj5

    Not surprising

  • 55w ago civilcivilian civilcivilian

    Must have been painful

  • 55w ago ptdheeraj ptdheeraj


  • 55w ago tatie107 tatie107

    Who would even bother to listen to that Progressive Liberal crap?

  • 55w ago gatun_1 gatun_1

    My parents had a " Hello Dolly" vinyl record album , I believe it was with Carol Channing? It's neat to recall growing up in 1970's and listening to record albums. Another great ... Incredible really , record album from the 1970's, was Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" Richard Burton is the narrator , Phil Lynot ( Thin Lizzy) and a fellow from Moody Blues sing in the album. It is wonderful! The art work is superlative. The album is scary, interesting, hopeful and musically assaulting. It really is something else, I recommend it , as it's good old fashioned " theater of the mind" whereas, each person visualizes the story. Anyways,๐Ÿ˜

  • 55w ago dale_faulk dale_faulk

    This is a real lady

  • 55w ago soar_wave soar_wave

    Most of the shows of the last decade have been underwhelming

  • 55w ago robindatta robindatta

    I'm a zero to music: born and reared a dhimmie in Pakistan (chock full of muzzies) and managed my exodus in 1973 at age 24.

  • 55w ago ptdheeraj ptdheeraj


  • 29w ago mnbp7575 mnbp7575

    Omg I saw Hello Dolly back in July with my mom and we were so disappointed. It wasnโ€™t terrible but Iโ€™ve seen better.

  • 23w ago chanakatz chanakatz

    @sarakatzz in hiding???

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