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Thursday Nights. ON SET with these Queens, Monique (Owner, Akwaaba Inns) & Rahel (Exec. Producer of the @owntv docu series, CHECKED INN). Stay tuned!



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  • 94w ago steveeblast steveeblast

    Congrats!!! I'm very proud to have watched you on your journey to greatness. From Morgan State, to Sony, to Brooklyn brownstone B&B to Korman to this....!!! You keep going because the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves!! Love ya Mel. Thanks Lou Bolling for the article.

  • 94w ago melody_short melody_short

    @steveeblast Steve!!!!!!!! It has been too long. I will be in ATL for my fam reunion in July, fingers crossed we can link. Appreciate you!!!

  • 94w ago melody_short melody_short

    @andrianacinacole xoxoxoxoxo

  • 94w ago melody_short melody_short

    @steveeblast and yes, you have witness a lot!

  • 94w ago kimkirkleycelebrant kimkirkleycelebrant

    Wonderful and well deserved! ❤️

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