Instagram post by @donalynk Donalyn Ketchum

I was counting my blessings on my walk this morning, and getting walk where it looks like this is pretty high on the list! #upstateny #morningwalk #fitbit #spring #thankyoulord #countingmyblessings #walkingeveryday


  • 49w ago tonijoart tonijoart

    Do you have ticks ? Gorgeous field, sadly nowadays I think about the ticks in a field. Ughh

  • 49w ago donalynk donalynk

    @tonijoart We have an increasing number of them - supposed to be even more this year. I have a super effective tick spray I make essential oils though

  • 49w ago donalynk donalynk

    @tonijoart - that I make with essential oils. Avoiding fields isn't really an option for us, and the spray is safe for us and Ziggy.

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