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Every day, millions of golden jellyfish migrate across Palau’s aptly named Jellyfish Lake, following the sun’s rays to encourage photosynthesis in the symbiotic algae that live in their bodies. While guiding a snorkeling trip, photographer Ethan Daniels, who lived in the island nation for nine years, photographed one of his clients swimming among them. “We’ve been brought up thinking jellyfish sting and to stay away,” says Daniels, but thousands of years of isolation have left the invertebrates with drastically weakened venom. “Being in a lake with millions of them, these pulsating animals that look like UFOs, bouncing off you harmlessly—there’s nothing else like it.” #tbt July issue, 2010 |


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    That's amazing.

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    Love the green! 💙

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    Jellyfish bouncing off you is the weirdest feeling!

  • 51w ago justinhofman justinhofman

    @outsidemagazine the lake is closed and will be for at least the rest of the year. The adult jellies all died during a recent drought. It has happened before and they recovered but it's still too early to know if there were any surviving juveniles to repopulate the lake.

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    @nikkki_west yessssssss!! I hope the moon jellies are out and about in the bay.

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    Really rate this.

  • 51w ago yogakels yogakels

    I just arrived back home from Palau last night. Jelly fish lake should remain closed to people completely and sad they ever let tourists into that lake. Yes they had a drought which is maybe 50% of the problem with the massive die off of this unique and specific species, but the chemicals and sunblock people brought into this lake poisoned the perfect eco system that lived here without humans for thousands of years. The drought was only part of the problem. Why can't we just observe? Although I found it fascinating, and I'm an adventurous gal, I never had the urge to jump in and touch them. Feels like common sense. Just another of nature's gems hurt by people going too far. Palau is truly a remarkable gift of nature and hoping it becomes a role model for what could be if we stopped over consuming.

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    @libzey Would you?

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    @thecandyandy @tessa_netelbeek @tylercrouse this is legit on my bucket list. You guys down?

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    @ryanwadge @tessa_netelbeek @tylercrouse ew

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    Vibes 👌🏽

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    This is incredible!

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    Bucket list!

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    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yesssssss

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    @yogakels Yes. And this person had to dive in with fins?!

  • 51w ago cramd cramd

    Electrifying.. Check out some of my work..

  • 51w ago ventures_with_victoria ventures_with_victoria

    I went to Jellyfish Lake back in 2012 and it was truly incredible. Hopefully the jellies will bounce back like they did after a previous El Niño. The tour companies in Palau are extremely eco-friendly and really care more about protecting the environment than monetary profit. Some tourists, however, don't seem to understand that "no sunscreen" makes don't freaking put on sunscreen before going in the lake.

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    This is incredible!!!

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    @smoreconnoisseur YESSS !! SUCH an incredible feeling and experience ✨✨✨(I was giggling the entire time underwater)

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    @ryanwadge @thecandyandy @tylercrouse you know I'm down, but only if I can wear something that covers me completely 😳

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    This is awesome!

  • 51w ago gloegloe gloegloe

    It was incredible. I'll never forget floating in the warm water and feeling soft kisses on my skin as the jellys swam by. Thank you for sharing this great photo.

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    Wow!! So cool! 🐬🐟🐠

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    outsidemagazine Immensely fabulous :-)

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    outsidemagazine Where did you take this

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