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Working off leash with my buddy Leo. "Here" is for him to walk right by my side. "Hey" is if he's getting too far ahead. "Ok" is a release from "here". What's more fun than having your dog do great for you off leash?
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  • 64w ago mmcg25 mmcg25

    @miketrainsdogs when you wanted the recall did you take a couple of steps backwards from the direction you and Leo were headed in and if so, did that help him realize he should check back in with you?

  • 64w ago miketrainsdogs miketrainsdogs

    @mmcg25 yes. Leo is responsive to my movements, and is generally fixated on where I'm headed. You can see him look back at me every so often. So when I change directions he knows to follow.

  • 64w ago three_dog_circus three_dog_circus

    We need Rex and izzy to do this!

  • 64w ago davidjan3 davidjan3

    This is wonderful @miketrainsdogs

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