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Instagram post by @octohawk Katie

If you've followed me long enough, you know my passion for rescuing senior dogs. That all started with my angel face Fozzie, who lost her battle to cancer 5 years ago today, and who I always commemorate with a post. She was a dog like no other I have ever encountered, in all the best ways, and I feel so blessed that she came into my life and spent her remaining time with me, forever changing my outlook on rescue. After her came Ruby (cattle dog) who passed away 2 years ago last week, and Gunther (chihuahua) who passed away a year ago last week. I also had Polly, a blind and deaf senior cocker spaniel who doesn't have an anniversary this month, as well as numerous other fosters whose presence touched me. They were all so unique, they all taught me so much, and they will never be forgotten. People often tell me that they don't know how I do it- adopting a dog I know probably won't live too long. But it's not hard at all when you consider that the alternative is them living in a loud, scary, unfamiliar shelter until they're almost inevitably euthanized to make room for younger, more "adoptable" dogs. So I feel nothing but gratitude knowing that they got to live out their golden months/years with me, sleeping on comfortable beds, eating yummy foods, going on adventures they may have never been on when they were younger, and being loved and spoiled until it's their time to go. Sure, there is sadness, of course there is (especially with Fozzie who left us too soon to cancer, and who I will NEVER stop missing). But it's still overall such a positive experience, and one that I always encourage others to try. You may be surprised at how much love senior dogs have left, and it will warm your heart to watch them blossom in a new, loving home, getting a second wind in a way. Follow @susiesseniordogs for adoptable senior dogs and amazing stories of senior dog rescue, and @wolfgang2242 #adoptdontshop #whywerescue


  • 25w ago amanda.mims amanda.mims


  • 25w ago ca8king ca8king


  • 25w ago sapphie sapphie


  • 25w ago _how__very_ _how__very_

    RIP Fozzie. ❀️

  • 25w ago denadavis denadavis

    aww i remember Polly. πŸ’— thank you for all you do in taking care of these sweet senior fur babies.

  • 25w ago fixthatmess fixthatmess

    You are wonderful. If I ever settle down, I'm going to do this as well πŸ’™

  • 25w ago homerowfiberco homerowfiberco

    Lucille is my Fozzie. I can't even think about not having her with me but when the time comes you better believe I'll rescue another older, less adoptable dog πŸ’– p.s. I can't believe I've been following you for over 5 years!

  • 25w ago sammentrie sammentrie

    That is amazing. ❀️

  • 25w ago octohawk octohawk

    @homerowfiberco I know! Lucille always reminded me so much of Fozzie.

  • 25w ago house_on_windy_hill house_on_windy_hill


  • 25w ago sososteph sososteph

    We commiserated over Ruby and Zoe's vagina necks. I love old dogs.

  • 25w ago mermaidofthesprings mermaidofthesprings

    Everything about this post is full of love!

  • 25w ago ll1969 ll1969

    Thank you for this post. We have our first rescue Chico and perhaps next time we will choose an older rescue too.

  • 25w ago anna_bina anna_bina

    So much love to the oldies and you for taking them in πŸ’—πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ‘΄πŸ½

  • 25w ago beeahiker beeahiker

    Ty for sharing your love to the seniors and your followersπŸ˜₯tear of happiness

  • 25w ago _jaywen _jaywen


  • 25w ago sonojeffo sonojeffo

    Katie, I'm sorry to hear the news. I admire your love and dedication to both our furry creature friends and protecting the environment. Very inspiring all around.

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  • 25w ago quinoa.reeves quinoa.reeves

    You're amazing.

  • 25w ago cezmontoya cezmontoya

    I cried reading this. You're an angel and I completely agree with your views. My partner and I rescued a 10 yr old chihuahua x Pomeranian and she's almost dead and blind but we love her more than anything. I can't believe she didn't come to us sooner. I can't imagine life without her

  • 25w ago roseavenel roseavenel


  • 25w ago jenmt80 jenmt80

    You are an amazing person and wonderfully made!!! I have several rescues and love them all. They truly touch your heart in different ways. Hugs

  • 25w ago ronald_p_mexico ronald_p_mexico

    You are an incredible person!! That is something truly great you are doing, very inspiring!! βœŒπŸΌπŸ’›βœŒπŸΌπŸ’›βœŒπŸΌ

  • 25w ago vthegoatherder vthegoatherder

    This is so much yes. I have quite an obsession with senior dogs and I had my Howie for the remainder of his old life. He was also an arthritic blind/deaf cocker retriever mix that brought so much love to my life. I did everything I could to make him comfortable and happy.. Orthopedic beds, let him run after cats/birds, hump my pug (who also has since passed). I have rescued a 3 legged cat now but once my housing situation is settled I'm definitely going back to senior dog adoption. Much love to you and your puppers ❀️

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  • 25w ago cwgay cwgay

    I love you 😍😘

  • 25w ago mntami mntami

    This is so wonderful. My heart breaks at the # of senior dogs cast out of homes. Just can't imagine what they must feel. We got a farm puppy this year (um, as in actually off a working farm, not a puppy farm), after losing our senior dog, but I SO want to adopt seniors in the future. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  • 25w ago octohawk octohawk

    @cwgay hey I love you too!

  • 25w ago littledank littledank

    I think about fozzie literally all the time.

  • 25w ago octohawk octohawk

    @littledank aww really??

  • 25w ago littledank littledank

    Yes ma'am. Basically whenever I think of Henry.

  • 25w ago trellame trellame

    Can't believe it's been 5 years... 😘

  • 24w ago floridayogabee floridayogabee

    What a lovely tribute! We had sweet Lola, a blind and deaf pug who, for five years, was the best dog I ever had. I lost her almost two years and still miss her. We've got two rescue Frenchies now, both of whom came from less than ideal situations,but like you, I'm happy to know they will be comfortable and well fed and just spoiled for the rest of their lives! Keep it up, mama!!

  • 24w ago bladesic415 bladesic415

    Lovely post, So sorry about Fozzie and your other sweet dogs..I only recently fell in love with senior dogs, Buddie , our family pet, a chihuahua..grew old and more wonderful too. I love senior dogs..He went missing 6 months ago..and I'm dogless now. However I want to get an older shelter dog..next. Puppies are hard and need trained. Your post only confirmed my desire to get a senior dog when I'm ready for a dog again. Thank you! #seniordogsrule

  • 23w ago davewarlock davewarlock

    Just wanted to let you know that Elsie had a tumor removed from her neck a week ago. She is doing fine and well giving us extra licks for hugging her more. Thank you for what you do. You make a difference in this world.

  • 23w ago octohawk octohawk

    @davewarlock Thank you so much! You gave her a new life after she had been through so much, and was SO close to being euthanized.

  • 23w ago octohawk octohawk

    @davewarlock any time you want to send me photos... I would love them

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