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Molly breaking the 1200lb barrier this past weekend! She young, strong, and passionate. A recipe for success in anyone's book. Give her a follow to find out how to win all the pies, deadlift all the weights, and love all the puppies 🙌
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525lb/238kg to seal my 1,200 total at 163lb bodyweight! I may not be the strongest female in the sport, let alone my own weight class but I have a lot of heart and passion for powerlifting and I'm just getting started. 👉Thank you @lauraphelpssweatt and Shane @sweattshopcincinnati for putting on an amazing meet this past weekend. I had the most fun I've ever had at any meet I've ever been to. I met so many people and strong ladies and I'm super honored to have shared the platform with them all! 👉Thank you to my coach @gogginsforce for all your help through this meet prep, I know I'm a maniac sometimes and you keep my head on straight. We have some work to do but I'm very excited for my future! 👉Thank you @mfswede and @uncommonbritt and @ironmaigen for helping me all day! I came to this meet alone with no handler so it meant a lot to have Swede there to handle me when my coach couldn't make it. Went 8/9, didn't get more injured and PR'd my squat, deadlift and total for competition. I think I came in 2nd in my weight class, but all I cared about was that total. 👉Thank you to my sponsor @feedmefightme for all the support, in and out of powerlifting! 💖I'm sorry to anyone I didn't get to say bye to or hang out with but I had the best time. It's amazing the friendships I have made through this sport and even more amazing how many strong boss ass motherfucking females are TAKING OVER THIS SHIT! I love it!!!! Please tag me in any and all pictures!💖 #thisisfemalepowerlifting



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