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I told myself I wouldn't post about @brandonlarracuente until I watched #13reasonswhy . I wanted a chance to see him shine before I started to gush!! I've broken my promise because my schedule won't permit me to sit and binge like I want to and I can't stay away from the buzz surrounding him or his character Jeff. This beautiful soul that the world can't get enough of walked through my doors at the age of 17 with dreams, goals and determination. For years we worked on those goals and dreams seeing them come to light in smaller projects and then with his role as #benrayburn on #bloodline. Although Brandon is no longer a student at my studio, he will always be my B! I am so proud and honored to have played a role in his journey and I know that this is only the beginning. I love you B, Orlando loves you and we are so so so proud of you! ❤️❤️❤️


  • 91w ago scswild scswild

    Omg...sis he was awesome and I truly loved his character! Now I love him more knowing you coached him. Lol. Well done!

  • 91w ago ladynblue50 ladynblue50

    OMG you've made me cry 😢 . When he started this journey ; B was told he wasn't ready, some even expressed that he'd never make anything of himself; but Thank You Coach Kia; for taking him under your wings in helping him prepare for times like this. 😘 you never said no; not even when you were sick 😷; or on vacation; or just closed for the weekend; you always found an open space and did what you do best; to coach/tape and get him one step closer to his goal. I remember when he use to ask you; Kia, when is that booking coming; and your answer was, "when the stars align" were, are and will always be one of the first real coaches, friend an amazing human being to him and to us. For this and more; we will always be eternally grateful. We love you 😘 Kia . 😢

  • 91w ago ladynblue50 ladynblue50

    @scswild thank you 😊 for the love and support. Kia is Amazing and truly loves what she does. 🙏🏻

  • 91w ago starcatcheractingstudio starcatcheractingstudio

    @scswild Thanks sis! It's so awesome to see his soar! It's always hard when one of the birdies leaves the nest, but that's part of the journey and this is the reward. Brandon's soul and spirit is one of my favorites to be around. You would love him! ❤️❤️

  • 91w ago starcatcheractingstudio starcatcheractingstudio

    @ladynblue50 now you're making me cry! Lol! I remember thinking he should have a key to the studio. He would be waiting outside the door as I'm flying through the parking lot. You guys have raised a special human, inside and out. Enjoy this moment, the journey continues. Those stars are incredible aren't they? ✨ ✨ ✨

  • 91w ago ladynblue50 ladynblue50

    @starcatcheractingstudio awww thanks Kia we love you 😘

  • 91w ago silverliningentertainmentllc silverliningentertainmentllc

    Too nice

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