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I've gotten out of meal prepping a bit lately since I've been using Sundays to dive, but I was productive today and I'm pretty excited that I have lunch made through Thursday. Mashed chickpea salad with celery, carrots, green onions, lemon juice, and hummus, topped with romaine, sprouts, and an extra squeeze of lemon. It's layered like this to stay fresher during the week, just dump it in a bowl and mix it all up at lunchtime. .
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  • 16w ago greggandkim greggandkim

    @octohawk that looks delicious 👍🏼

  • 16w ago _amy.vu_ _amy.vu_


  • 16w ago amanda.mims amanda.mims

    I like how it kind of looks like a seafood salad and it's super cute, especially with the lemon wedge 👊 💪

  • 16w ago cwgay cwgay

    Looks yummy and you have so many. Can I stop by and pick one up?

  • 16w ago octohawk octohawk

    @cwgay sure thing! And some eggs too

  • 16w ago tahenley tahenley

    😍 trying this

  • 16w ago cezmontoya cezmontoya

    This looks amazing

  • 16w ago be_tatumann be_tatumann

    Yummmmm. Going to have to make this!

  • 16w ago pranabeca pranabeca

    Looks yummy!

  • 16w ago jennykookonut jennykookonut


  • 15w ago _jaywen _jaywen

    Need to take a page out of your book and prep meals. I am the worst at feeding myself. And my husband lol

  • 15w ago octohawk octohawk

    @_jaywen I've been following you since I was on tumblr and I didn't know you were married!

  • 15w ago _jaywen _jaywen

    I got married last year on earth day 😛

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