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I met Lizzy a few years ago at "Caper," a Paul Mitchell Future Professional annual event full of inspiration and acceptance- the same incredible event I was honored to speak at a few weeks ago. Lizzy's strength should be a inspiration for all of us. Mary xo @marybehindthechair repost from @allure @winnclaybaugh @paulmitchelledu Have you ever discovered people were talking badly about you behind your back? Imagine that feeling β€” and multiply it by THOUSANDS of people making hateful comments about you online. That's exactly what happened to #LizzieVelasquez, who found a viral video calling her "the ugliest woman in the world" when she was just 17. Velasquez couldn't pull herself from the comments section, and she read through every last one of them. "I was so desperate to find one person that was standing up for me," she says. "And I never found it." In that moment, Velasquez, who was born with neonatal progeroid syndrome, a rare disease that stunts growth, decided she wasn't going to let their negative comments define who she is. Now, she uses her voice to help others realize that they're not defined by things like hair and makeup. "We're not victims in any sense, unless we allow ourselves to be," she says. "That's what the standard of beauty to me is. The person that you are, not the person that you look like." (πŸ“Ή: in partnership with @stylelikeu and @littlelizziev


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