Instagram post by @kennashell Kenna Shell 💕✨


  • 61w ago frankie_kimera frankie_kimera

    Best type of cardio 🤘💪

  • 61w ago dr.netoscardovelli dr.netoscardovelli


  • 61w ago golden_b golden_b

    Damn that looks hot! Keep doing what ur doing girl!

  • 61w ago tin_stars tin_stars

    Looking awesome!

  • 61w ago jamie_vanarb jamie_vanarb

    I started doing mine every morning almost three weeks ago and it's helping already! 💪

  • 61w ago tayytayy687 tayytayy687

    This may be a dumb question but how do you do fasted cardio? Just dont eat before cardio?

  • 60w ago reidby reidby

    Nice work

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