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  • 13w ago mixiestar mixiestar

    Vengeance is my favorite theme 😊

  • 13w ago night.owl.1 night.owl.1

    Going to put this on my to be read list!

  • 13w ago rustimccollum rustimccollum

    Loving Rylees world. This is another great book Gregg!!!

  • 13w ago thebookcaseapp thebookcaseapp

    This is wonderful :)

  • 13w ago spookymulder86 spookymulder86

    Thanks for following! I'm a big fan!

  • 12w ago utah.mama utah.mama

    So awesome! I've been reading stuff like this since I was in the fourth grade. I am so happy that there are some young adult books in my favorite subject of serial killers!

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