Elizabeth Warren

1w ago Rockefeller Center

Tonight I'll be making my @fallontonight debut. Set your DVRs & tune in! #fallontonight

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    Jimmayyy! Jimmayy! Don't do it! 🍼❄️📎😎

  • 2d ago tmandelray tmandelray

    Hey Jimmy- Sorry I won't be watching...I'll be watching Bruce Jenner on Fox News, to see whether he/she Pees Standing Up or Sitting Down! Inquiring Minds want to Know. 🍼❄️📎😎

  • 2d ago downesjr downesjr

    No thank you! I can't believe they couldn't find someone of any value to be on the show tonight.

  • 2d ago geutye geutye

    shenghuang.org Illegal aliens are 50%+ more likely to be on welfare or other type of major U.S. tax paid $$$ benefit program. The quality of American Schools along border states with Mexico have been hurt by over crowding and behavioral issues, and language problems. currently 280 Million people all over the world wait patiently and legally for their chance at citizenship. Why is it fair to let those who illegally entered the USA, breaking multiple laws be given "first in line status." Let alone the ultimate reward of "back door amnesty" to citizenship! illegal aliens in Mexico, when caught are charged with felony, jailed for 2 years and then deported as felons. Yet, U.S. Citizens don't have the same protection? In most cases, when they are simply caught at the U.S. border, they are simply pushed back on Mexican side, only to try again, at a different location later till they make it. And though Mexico "demands" humane treatment for its citizens who illegally migrate to the U.S., regardless of their legal status, Mexico provides few protections for illegal migrants on its own soil. If the USA would charge these illegal border aliens, as felons, it would bar them from ever obtaining citizenship which would dramatically reduce illegal immigration attempts. That’s why the pro illegal immigrant groups are fighting the "felony provision!!" Help close this loop holes which are abused by illegal aliens. shenghuang.org

  • 2d ago libdems_london libdems_london

    @tdearman29 you poor uneducated redneck. Progressive Liberalism has nothing to do with Socialism. Liberal voters are far wealthier than the truck drivers and bums who voted for Trump

  • 2d ago hummer_addict hummer_addict

    Stupid liberal...

  • 2d ago kellymason25 kellymason25

    Angery angery person . Dig deeper Trump would beat Clinton again. Profanity profanity great fir children young people watching

  • 2d ago tdearman29 tdearman29

    @libdems_london You're very ignorant on fiscal matters. You can't tax a nation into prosperity. So how about you quit with the insults and educate yourself on this matteron this

  • 2d ago libdems_london libdems_london

    @tdearman29 i studied at wharton. Liberalism and Conservatism is are on a spectrum. Centrist Liberals like Clinton do not advocate tax hikes. Trump is so far right that his policies go full circle and touch Bernie Sanders's far left socialism: leaving the TPP, Protectionism, and his Anti Elite Populist rhetoric. Problem is, people like you are too simplistic to understand the nuances

  • 2d ago tdearman29 tdearman29

    @libdems_london Did you read her platform? She wanted to skyrocket taxes. Trump is a lot closer to the center then you think. Our republic was founded on center right principles. You people need to realize that. The best solution for all of America is to lower taxes and take the chain off the private sector.

  • 1d ago dalfano2014 dalfano2014

    @elizabethwarrenma what a poor excuse of an American and senator you are. You and all your cronies need to go. You care nothing about Americans. All you care about is your political party and how much you can line your pockets. Your corruption is disgusting!!! Your days are numbered!!!!

  • 1d ago donaldtrump.mikepence donaldtrump.mikepence

    2 clowns, one picture.

  • 1d ago acdee717 acdee717

    Hey Elizabeth just seen your add your job is to resist!! NO your job is to be working for the AMERICAN tax payers!! Not running around calling anyone who doesn't agree with you a Racist!! Discrediting the President of the U.S. you know where you live, not fighting for sanctuary cities, and illegals!! WTH have you or your party actually done for anyone but your party in the last six months!!

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    BİG TURKEY 💪💪💪💪💪

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    Follow for Political Memes and News🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    @acdee717 now that was well said.

  • 1d ago matthew_meandro matthew_meandro

    @libdems_london why don't you worry about your own countries' problems you buffoon, I love how you have the gall to preach at us in this country. Clean up you're own house before criticizing ours.

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    Nobody cares nor likes u

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    Love your aesthetic!! You’re onto something! Check your messages, I think you’d be


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    Hey Lizzie- Don't forget that May is...Buy your man an AR15 Month! 🇵🇷🇺🇸

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    Just another corporate puppet.

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