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@Regrann from @kyleleduc99 - This is #evvo99 - Our newest design and concept to hit the dirt for the 2017 season. This truck has taken things for me and everyone involved in this program to another level. All CAD drawn and designed in partnership with @battlebornengineering , and brought to life by the hands of @tradronfeldt and @robbywoods and myself to a level that we think is perfect. Big steps were taken with all of the companies we work with to take this truck and our program to another level! We welcome this truck into our family and team and hope it gives us all a bright future and allow me to support my family and the friend that I have working with me. Look at this thing!!! Look how insanely tough and badass it looks just sitting here! Wait til you see it rip 🔥💨💯 haha. Thank you to my, and my crews families for believing in us and supporting us along this journey. Love you Amber Reedy and little Addie. Thank you to @tradronfeldt , @tacoma_tyler , @robbywoods his tyler and every company that went above and beyond to help us bury out parts. @monsterenergy @toyotires @kmcwheels @rigidindustries @kingshocks @knfilters @safecraft @artificialgrassliquidators @propowerracing #xtrac @sparcofficial @wilwooddiscbrakes @je_reel @lucasoiloffroad @makitatools @cbrperformanceproducts @competitivemetals @rcvperformance @rpiracing @Currie enterprises @walkerind @fiberwerx - #regrann



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