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Volstagg the Valient
Lady Sif, Goddess of War
Fandral the Dashing
Hogun the Grim
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Feel like anyone was missing from the big trailer reveal after lots of silence? A lot of people are asking about Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, we have even been asked. Unfortunately a lot of the news articles out there are from last year during the time the story was getting rewrites. We have been digging and here is what we can find:
Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) ⚡️ was spotted at a tattoo shop in Australia when they posted his appearance on Instagram. Specifically this happened at the time and area for the filming of Thor Ragnarok. The tattoo artist's page also claims he was there between filming. While we have no official statements about any of them, this has been confirmation for a lot of the public.
Tadanobu Asano (Hogun) ⚡️ posted his own photo on his Instagram that same day from Australia. Again this seems to be confirmation enough for a lot of the public. (Both Instagram posts are included in the image above.)
Zachary Levi (Fandral) ⚡️ has only hinted at his return at 2016 San Diego Comic-Con according to Comic Book Movie. If you are wondering if they'd switch back to Josh Dallas who played Fandral in 2011 Thor, we have found no evidence of that.
Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif) ⚡️ tweeted back in 2016 to a fan's concern, "don't worry" but with the rewrites and her busy schedule due to Blindspot, she even made public statements of uncertainty. We have reached out to her but given her busy schedule and likely lots of messages it would be most understandable if she didn't make a statement.
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To sum up thanks to social media, many are convinced that two of the four were on location for filming. That alone has many speculating the return of all four, but seeing is believing as they say. With no official statements known to us that leaves us with the uncertain "I can't say for sure." response until we see them (or don't) in released material or in the movie itself.
Hope this brings you some comfort. -Felix
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  • 86w ago avengersinfinitywarig avengersinfinitywarig

    @fhadmnasir 😘

  • 86w ago avengersinfinitywarig avengersinfinitywarig

    UPDATE: Zachary Levi has posts from the same week as the other two marking his location in Bali which is very close to Australia.... make of that what you will.

  • 86w ago chariselene chariselene

    These guys should come back, if they do not, Thor 3 would disappoint me deeply. I just hope Taika has not been so mean with the fandom. 💔

  • 86w ago avengersinfinitywarig avengersinfinitywarig

    @chariselene I personally would be disappointed too, but Taika seems to be treating Thor very well as far as I can see, so I don't think he'd intentionally exclude them. I don't think the writers would either. Hopefully everyone's schedules worked out and we will see them return. -Felix

  • 86w ago australianfilmandpopculture australianfilmandpopculture

    Sif is the best!

  • 86w ago avengersinfinitywarig avengersinfinitywarig

    Also with all three of the warriors three being in the same region of the world at the exact time of filming, it is a bit difficult to explain that away. @chariselene

  • 86w ago chariselene chariselene

    @thor_ragnarok I will hope that if they appear in the film, even if it is Lady Sif⚡️, for me she is very important and since Jane will no longer act, I have a small hope that she will be in an affair with Thor.

  • 86w ago fhadmn fhadmn

    I feel relieved 😌

  • 86w ago shivagupta420 shivagupta420

    awesome guys

  • 86w ago avengersinfinitywarig avengersinfinitywarig

    Are you a fan of one or all of them? @shivagupta420

  • 86w ago shivagupta420 shivagupta420

    yeah !! @thor_ragnarok

  • 86w ago jeller.sifki.xy jeller.sifki.xy

    What should I do with my life if Sif isn't in Thor Ragnarok 😭😭😭

  • 86w ago sigrid.koppel sigrid.koppel

    I heard that the Warriors Three are returning, but Lady Sif is not. I don't know if this is true or not but I would like to see them all in Thor Ragnarok.

  • 86w ago sigrid.koppel sigrid.koppel

    Jaimie Alexander is so gorgeous! 😍😍

  • 86w ago avengersinfinitywarig avengersinfinitywarig

    If you find any sources I'd love to read them. I've been digging into this for months off and on and never found a definitive answer once the crew and story were settled. @sigrid.koppel

  • 75w ago geraldsgarcia geraldsgarcia

    yes, what happened to thor's loyalists?

  • 59w ago mr.wrinklypotato mr.wrinklypotato

    -------------Spoiler alert---------- dead, somewhere else, dead, dead

  • 58w ago chersry chersry

    one of them is confirmed dead in ragnarok.

  • 57w ago soulreaper1106 soulreaper1106

    Three of them are dead

  • 57w ago valenyne_ valenyne_

    Sif must be on Midgard wid agents of shield but d others - dead 😭

  • 57w ago dellsamofficial dellsamofficial

    But lady sif didn't show up!

  • 56w ago hshendkehdbsm hshendkehdbsm

    They are dead

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