Elizabeth Warren

1w ago

Fight like a girl.

  • 1w ago dixiegurl998 dixiegurl998

    Dumbest statue ever! The thing makes no sense! Why would you make it a little girl? In a dress? Looking like she's throwing a tantrum? Do you know what the Bull of Wall street symbolizes? Why would she be "standing up" to a healthy economy? Dumb senator, dumb statue ... typical.

  • 1w ago zoebailey7 zoebailey7

    I'm all about girl power- just not for EW.

  • 1w ago rahulshrivastava364 rahulshrivastava364

    Ma'am with due respect you must support her , same kind 👱👱 @elizabethwarrenma

  • 1w ago mdevin31 mdevin31

    Happy Friday Liz! EAD! @jkeats13

  • 6d ago judeetan judeetan

    @smiller725 and the state street global advisors need to put women in leadership positions and not just put a statue telling everyone else to do so ❤

  • 6d ago legno173 legno173

    2 images that need to be removed by wall st and ny asap

  • 6d ago smiller725 smiller725

    @judeetan #truth It's a start

  • 6d ago judeetan judeetan

    @smiller725 I get what you mean. Anything can be a start, and it shouldn't have been done in a mean spirit to Mr Arturo DM, or it will not bear fruits. The intention must be right. Simply sharing so people like your good self won't be fooled by such tactics that's exactly meant to do just that. Be truly fearless. God bless.

  • 6d ago piaga6 piaga6

    Hey @apirate1504 - love this!

  • 6d ago josiewheel josiewheel

    You are not a girl. You are a hateful danger to society 👎

  • 6d ago sera.sera.sera sera.sera.sera

    You are awesome. I hope you do decide to compete against Mr Trump in 2020.

  • 5d ago bspabella bspabella

    You are courageous fighter and all the Republicans now want to make your life difficult so you know you're doing something right! Keep it up you have my support. Thank you

  • 4d ago rudeboy_rb rudeboy_rb


  • 4d ago heyitsbrian34 heyitsbrian34

    Women do get paid the same sorry that most men choose higher paying jobs then most women🤷‍♂️

  • 4d ago ermafunk ermafunk

    @rinnuhh Fight like a girl 💪🏽

  • 4d ago charlesdcc charlesdcc


  • 3d ago enver2851 enver2851


  • 3d ago noahrodrigues noahrodrigues

    You are better off fighting like a man because men are physically stronger than women.

  • 3d ago dalekanowsky dalekanowsky


  • 2d ago _proud_liberal_ _proud_liberal_

    Follow for Political Memes and News🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 2d ago goinlevel10 goinlevel10


  • 2d ago resrchguru resrchguru


  • 1d ago tmandelray tmandelray

    MEN, men, meN, mEN, MEN! LATINOS with TRUMP! 🇵🇷🇺🇸

  • 1d ago sanyaandirasavila sanyaandirasavila

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  • 1d ago tomboyx tomboyx

    Awesome! Be defiant!

  • 1d ago dishayellayi dishayellayi

    @lopaquette my background

  • 1d ago lopaquette lopaquette

    @dishayellayi love it

  • 1d ago riley_curran_9 riley_curran_9

    No thanks my dude

  • 1d ago kristyosmunson kristyosmunson


  • 19h ago jewlsketches jewlsketches

    Fight like a woman.... fight like a human.

  • 18h ago jewlsketches jewlsketches

    @noahrodrigues so u think. It's not like that anymore man. Get out of the "oldies" attitude.

  • 16h ago azita.khedri azita.khedri

  • 14h ago peopleforprogressworldwide peopleforprogressworldwide

    Thank you for all the work that you do @elizabethwarrenma

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