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@stmorizUS @stmoriz Professional Instant Wash Off Shimmer & Medium
This sunless tanner gives an instant tan and has this beautiful olive undertone (especially the shimmer one) which is more natural and more flaterring.
I like the shimmer one because it has a nice golden finish. We can’t notice any shimmers onto the skin once applied or dry though even we can clearly see the shimmers in the gel formula.
The shade medium is a little bit darker and I like the fact that it doesn’t turn orange. It is really natural even if it’s pretty dark on me. But I have to say that my legs at the moment are particularly light after the long winter.
It is best to apply the product with a mitt for a more even application and also because it stains the palm our your hands even if you wash it directly after the application and one thing that I really enjoys is the fact that is was very quick and easy to apply. I also noticed that the product dries pretty fast but still let you enough time to massage evenly the product onto the skin.
It is quite strong in term of fragrance but it hasn’t the typical self tanner scent I would say.
I find it very convenient because you can wash the product off at the end of the day but some of the product still remains onto the skin unless you exfoliate your body.
Overall, I really enjoy this product!
Side by side pictures and shade comparison later to see the result on my legs!
@stmorizUS available at @target
Thank you @stmorizUS and @octoly for this beautiful set, I really like it!
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