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One #TVclerici segment I struggled with was Job Smeets on Design Date. He was (blind) interviewing students for a fictitious job in his “new band” Blow Job. The students were not amused and a “match” was not made. Job announced that he was going to offer a job to nobody, but the students were already walking off stage anyway. I couldn’t let it go without a comment and walked back onstage to face the audience: "Sometimes Donald Trump wins, but that kind of Donald Trump behavior doesn't represent #TVclerici, or #DesignAcademyEindhoven and hopefully doesn't represent Dutch designers.”
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  • 66w ago heyjoebanane heyjoebanane

    I once saw him wearing a hat saying "I am the boss"

  • 66w ago missyoko missyoko

    @missalicewong Well said!

  • 66w ago gabriel.a.maher__0 gabriel.a.maher__0

    Yas ! Alice, you were brilliant for calling that out 🖤🦄

  • 66w ago grafik__ grafik__

    It would seem he was being a provocateur to elicit a reaction... he would have to know how tone deaf this would come off, are you certain his behavior was not with a dual purpose? Perhaps he wanted to show how easily people are offended, even artists and designers.


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