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When you set yourself the task of tidying up your picture folders and get distracted straight away by how beautiful and tiny he was just a year ago 😍
My excuse for posting this pic is that the playmate is handmade by me ☺️ #mommylove #babyphotography #mybabyangel #whereistimegone


  • 66w ago handmadetess handmadetess

    I constantly get distracted by old photos of my nephew. He's now 11 so the baby/toddler pictures are so hard to not get lost in!

  • 66w ago paulalovestosew paulalovestosew

    Adorable little bundle of joy💎😊

  • 66w ago rocco.sienna rocco.sienna

    what a cutie

  • 66w ago sewsarahsmith sewsarahsmith

    What a happy little fella!

  • 65w ago kate_relton kate_relton

    Arghh he's just so scrumptious?! I think we can legitimately blame their gorgeous little faces for any procrastination... :D xxxx


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