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This week my oldest granddaughter O turned 16. I'm in deep denial (sort of like a Senate Republican denying climate change). O has transformed from being Gammy's best tickle-buddy to a smart, kind young woman who still has a great laugh. I suit up and head into the Senate to fight for a better future for O — and her little brother and sister — and for all of our kids and grandkids. Happy Birthday, Miss O. #tbt


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    @pamelabodley his freedom of speech. You liberals love to scream there's inequality and that everyone has a voice that needs to be heard then try to silence and attack them when they voice their opinion you don't like. Lmao Trump has nothing to do with this post so yeah there ya go spreading your ignorance and involving parties that aren't even associated. #typicalliberalmentality

  • 9w ago teddobbert teddobbert

    @nomad_cichlids wild idea, present some facts, instead of name calling, and people may believe you. You've been watching too much Trump tv

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    Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for all you do for our citizens! God bless you.

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    1trillion dollars a year is spent on climate change but when the Syrian refugees needed a safe Haven from persecution and death the previous administration said we could not afford it at, 1 billion dollars a year. Priorities.

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    We appreciate everything you do Elizabeth!

  • 9w ago johnnydebeer johnnydebeer

    What a hypocritical horse head u are

  • 9w ago gigicaillou gigicaillou

    We love you Elisabeth

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    @nikeboy89 the caption 😭😩

  • 9w ago r8dernation83 r8dernation83

    When talking about ur granddaughter you can leave out any/all politics because she is worth more. But to place a barb in ur memory tells me what u really love.

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    Hello dear how are you doing

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    if you're one of those people who exploit family for your political gain then you're just a stupid shill

  • 8w ago aaron_kyle1 aaron_kyle1

    You're an embarrassment. You're part of the problem with our government.

  • 7w ago moalta moalta

    Some of the comments posted here reflect the Trumping character that has taken hold of many Americans and diminished the international stature of the US. Thank god, leaders like Elizabeth Warren will maintain the fight for more lofty goals - none more important than the strength of family and optimism that a better US for ALL is achievable.

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    Like Big denial that Killary is Above the Law? @elizabethwarrenma

  • 7w ago moelmiar moelmiar

    Why didn't you say anything when Hillary let die 4 Americans en Benghazi? Why you don't say anything when Hillary sold the American Uranium to the Russians?? Why you were supporting a criminal? @elizabethwarrenma

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  • 7w ago dahleface dahleface hahahaha her comment 👌🏽💕

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    Happy birthday Octavia @octaviaatyagi

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    Or a senate democrat denying their ethnicity...

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    We love you Senator Warren

  • 4w ago yd2174 yd2174

    @moelmiar because she doesn't care about true Americans

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    Amazing caption!

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