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ummmm.... he's kind of my favorite. 😬🙈 #squishyleobear #ilovetheothertwotoo


  • 6w ago andreanuxoll andreanuxoll


  • 6w ago kpckpc kpckpc

    @baristasdailygrind @rutheah (I don't know how many hints I need to drop) I want him here in Seattle ASAP!!!! I am pretty sure Jasmine could try and squish him on her lap. 😫😩😫 Pretty please!!

  • 6w ago baristasdailygrind baristasdailygrind

    @kpckpc can you even imagine how much cocoa he could sell?! I just need to put that kids face on a billboard- priceless 😍

  • 6w ago lindalou41 lindalou41

    He is so cute !

  • 4w ago vasylissa vasylissa

    I have a feeling he will be very handsome man in the future :)

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