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We’re still tallying up the final numbers for our first fundraising quarter since I announced that I was running for re-election in Massachusetts. But I couldn’t wait to share with you one amazing stat: In the first three months of 2017, almost 16,000 people from every corner of Massachusetts chipped in to support our campaign. To me, this map shows something powerfully important: that a strong grassroots movement is ready to fight back and make real change for our Commonwealth and our country. I’m deeply grateful that you’re a part of this fight – and we’re just getting started. #mapoli


  • 52w ago timmyhanley timmyhanley

    If you get re elected I'm moving.

  • 52w ago timmyhanley timmyhanley

    I can't believe there are so many people giving you all this money, when there the ones asking for free college and higher minimum wage.

  • 52w ago jeszi9mijali8rousseausz7jjo6xi jeszi9mijali8rousseausz7jjo6xi

    debe ser una broma; que presenten oficiales de política pública de últimos años. (...) nunca conocí lo sucedido con aquella recomendacion: "la de dar canto de capital que no se conocía ni se ha disfrutado". (...)no se pueden sumar oficiales en ejercicio público político activo. estos medios multiplican distracciones e incrementar desaciertos a partir de expresiones a la ligera(...) JESZI Mijali -21 abril 12017 hasta fin de los días📮📬

  • 52w ago matthew_meandro matthew_meandro

    @loyaltothestars it's funny I never mentioned trump or if I even voted for him or not. All I did was speak critically of my elected representative and you freaked out and told me to move. That's so progressive of you, I wish I could be just like you! Hahaha loser.

  • 52w ago matthew_meandro matthew_meandro

    @timmyhanley he'll no don't move! That's what these fascists want!

  • 52w ago _prav__ _prav__

    Knowledge for everyone??

  • 51w ago davewearspants davewearspants

    Look at Elizabeth Warren taking everyone's cash

  • 50w ago paulamarshall8142 paulamarshall8142

    You've had 8 yrs to change things and you didn't do it.

  • 50w ago tay.bryant tay.bryant


  • 50w ago sofuckingproper sofuckingproper


  • 49w ago saldz_79 saldz_79

    Wow. Lots of stupid losers up in that state. Maybe that's why your so popular there. Go build a marble shrine to yourself and draft a new tax on something.

  • 49w ago markus201469 markus201469

    Vote her out! Enough of career politicians getting rich off of tax payers money then acting like your one of us! Please

  • 49w ago zinsncabs zinsncabs

    You won't get time from me or my vote Fauxahontas.

  • 49w ago flyingflh flyingflh

    You create the "fight" that is self serving. You are truly a POS.

  • 49w ago wsu_raines wsu_raines

    Then they are as stupid as you are @senwarren

  • 49w ago rcb808 rcb808

    Spicy boy spicy boy spicy boy spicy boy spicy boy

  • 49w ago sgrose81 sgrose81

    You are cancer

  • 48w ago jctp_93 jctp_93

    Would be even better if it was for 2020 😔

  • 46w ago itspat_t itspat_t


  • 44w ago mmelarae mmelarae


  • 43w ago jharris6226 jharris6226

    That is a map of Massachusetts and all the places that hate you

  • 42w ago farist_butler farist_butler

    Thank you for all you do for Massachusetts and the world.

  • 40w ago petaluma90210 petaluma90210

    Fight back what?

  • 35w ago roxy712 roxy712

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 loser!

  • 8w ago jack_guindon jack_guindon

    I can see my town on the map not in blue looks like we don’t want you. #usa #releasethememo 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#trump

  • 6w ago keatontench keatontench


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