Elizabeth Warren

2w ago

We’re still tallying up the final numbers for our first fundraising quarter since I announced that I was running for re-election in Massachusetts. But I couldn’t wait to share with you one amazing stat: In the first three months of 2017, almost 16,000 people from every corner of Massachusetts chipped in to support our campaign. To me, this map shows something powerfully important: that a strong grassroots movement is ready to fight back and make real change for our Commonwealth and our country. I’m deeply grateful that you’re a part of this fight – and we’re just getting started. #mapoli

  • 1w ago hey_its_lola4 hey_its_lola4

    You are a stark raving angry lunatic like most liberals. Go away.

  • 1w ago cartomantedeivipaolofanelll cartomantedeivipaolofanelll


  • 1w ago lynlynne420 lynlynne420

    No way

  • 1w ago _proud_liberal_ _proud_liberal_

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Proud Liberal And Democrat🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Follow for political news and memes

  • 1w ago ethel_jean_mertz ethel_jean_mertz

    Running Bear you need to get the hell out

  • 1w ago brittany.gaunce brittany.gaunce


  • 1w ago thebutcherbabe thebutcherbabe

    Thankyou so much for being you

  • 1w ago hucko330 hucko330

    *worth 9million dollars. Thinks she's middle class

  • 1w ago zinsncabs zinsncabs


  • 1w ago eomalley88 eomalley88

    Is North Andover that white spot in the middle? ;) @zacharybontempo

  • 1w ago norah_0412 norah_0412

    Stay out of politics. How about that?

  • 1w ago norah_0412 norah_0412

    You're clueless

  • 1w ago vanek_jp vanek_jp

    Just watched you on the Today Show. You spoke out of both sides of your mouth re: Donald Trump. Interesting, Mrs. Warren, interesting.

  • 1w ago rissa31ny rissa31ny

    Just turned off the @todayshow

  • 1w ago mezzostudioproduction mezzostudioproduction


  • 1w ago the45thpresidentdonaldtrump the45thpresidentdonaldtrump


  • 1w ago jjpeterson1946 jjpeterson1946

    Grate post

  • 1w ago doc_and_maya doc_and_maya

    I hope you rot in hell with Hillary

  • 1w ago doc_and_maya doc_and_maya


  • 1w ago doc_and_maya doc_and_maya


  • 1w ago j.lubbersestrada j.lubbersestrada

    @lkletas ❤️

  • 1w ago loyaltothestars loyaltothestars

    @matthew_meandro maybe its time to move? Massachusetts hates Trump. Listen to what people are saying. They mock Trump daily. His approval ratings are under 40 perceny and he didnt even get thatamount of votes in Mass. Maybe its time to move to a backwards state like your views?

  • 1w ago loyaltothestars loyaltothestars

    @matthew_meandro GOP almost lost in anotoriously red district in Georgia. You think a notoriously deep blue state supports Trump? What drugs are you taking?

  • 1w ago hummer_addict hummer_addict

    I almost wish I lived in Mass so I could vote against you...you should retire like Malloy did as you both are pathetic

  • 1w ago timmyhanley timmyhanley

    If you get re elected I'm moving.

  • 1w ago timmyhanley timmyhanley

    I can't believe there are so many people giving you all this money, when there the ones asking for free college and higher minimum wage.

  • 1w ago jessirodri9 jessirodri9

    debe ser una broma; que presenten oficiales de política pública de últimos años. (...) nunca conocí lo sucedido con aquella recomendacion: "la de dar canto de capital que no se conocía ni se ha disfrutado". (...)no se pueden sumar oficiales en ejercicio público político activo. estos medios multiplican distracciones e incrementar desaciertos a partir de expresiones a la ligera(...) JESZI Mijali -21 abril 12017 hasta fin de los días📮📬

  • 6d ago matthew_meandro matthew_meandro

    @loyaltothestars it's funny I never mentioned trump or if I even voted for him or not. All I did was speak critically of my elected representative and you freaked out and told me to move. That's so progressive of you, I wish I could be just like you! Hahaha loser.

  • 6d ago matthew_meandro matthew_meandro

    @timmyhanley he'll no don't move! That's what these fascists want!

  • 5d ago _prav__ _prav__

    Knowledge for everyone??

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