Nick Howard

1w ago

Been feeling like such a tourist in my own city recently. I've lived here for 13 years but still find it every bit as fascinating as the day I first came. #nyc

  • 1w ago tshoe4u tshoe4u

    Thats NYC,its different everytime I return,great city!

  • 1w ago jullie91 jullie91

    Can't wait to back in ny in 2 weeks.

  • 1w ago sanmaral_ sanmaral_

    Awesome pics @nickhowardmusic Keep on posting pls 😊

  • 1w ago whyi_am whyi_am

    Aww, I was there this time two years ago... 🗽Love the pics!

  • 1w ago karolin_dorny karolin_dorny

    @leonie.l kannst ja mal gucken, ob du Nick siehst und ihm schöne Grüße ausrichten😂😂

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