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2w ago

Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack.

  • 1w ago m.darzy m.darzy

    how many bombs did hit the target? Russia is luaghing now

  • 1w ago emmiechi emmiechi

    @sophia.houser thank you for telling me that

  • 6d ago sophia.houser sophia.houser

    @emmiechi your welcome🙂

  • 6d ago the_real_razar_ryan the_real_razar_ryan

    @realdonaldtrump you do realise you killed a couple beautiful babies and other innocent people in that attack right? And are you gonna deal with the other countries where worse things happen everyday? Or nah because the states are economically involved there? And what about CHINA- I can only say that in a trump voice now

  • 6d ago reidlovespugs101 reidlovespugs101

    Your fired

  • 6d ago jcornellison jcornellison

    Way to go Donald

  • 6d ago aysha_akther_muskan aysha_akther_muskan

    get out of here u banded the Muslim countries and Christians like u are going to get a punishment from our Lord u should not be a president

  • 5d ago 1_nd_only_king 1_nd_only_king

    🤦🏽‍♂️this attack just endangered the 3000+ men and woman fighting on the ground in Syria. If Trump would have stayed out of Syria like he said he would this mission would have actually been a success but sadly like everything else Trump does, it ends in failure

  • 5d ago mike_purp8732 mike_purp8732

  • 5d ago riddhiselena riddhiselena

    And what if Syria had attacked your country and would have killed your children???? I think perhaps that would have been better for you 'cause that's the only source how you could realize about how wrong you are doing

  • 4d ago cheeriness27 cheeriness27

    @jake_bake_snake and how EXACTLY do you know that ? ISIS doesn't stay in ONE particular place, and you know that...just say you want to get rid of moslem for good 😧

  • 4d ago cheeriness27 cheeriness27

    America, good luck with your new so-called "presiden" 😄😄😄

  • 4d ago cheeriness27 cheeriness27

    @jake_bake_snake I'm muslim and yet I have a christian boyfriend... and of course, I don't want to get rid of my boyfriend. Trump is just manipulating your brajn, get over it !!! If you want to finish ISIS, finish ISIS, not innocent muslims :/

  • 4d ago cheeriness27 cheeriness27

    @jake_bake_snake said the guy who lives in a place with peaceful non-terrorist muslim 😏 face it...not all muslim is a terorrist

  • 3d ago will_allen04 will_allen04

    @jake_bake_snake Islam doesn't want to get rid of all non-Muslims. "We've got to get them first" is that the kind of thing you want to say. It's disgusting and islamiphobic.

  • 3d ago will_allen04 will_allen04

    @jake_bake_snake Donald trump is advocating facist ideology

  • 3d ago will_allen04 will_allen04

    It doesn't mean everyone in that religion is "bad" so don't "trigger" it sets you very low as a person @jake_bake_snake

  • 3d ago isanashayk isanashayk

    @jake_bake_snake that's not true at all; i practice Islam and I read what's written in the religion and not a word shows the path of violence and hate. Before you go against something and spread hate about a topic; make sure you learn all about it then rebel.

  • 3d ago aloha.kaate aloha.kaate


  • 2d ago kktumblrslimez kktumblrslimez

    You attacked them! What did they do in the 4 months you have been president for you to attack them? As well as Afghanistan, and Egypt!

  • 2d ago jancardaniel jancardaniel

    This was good yes good but a3War we dont need beacause u no HITLER u a GREAT people

  • 2d ago jancardaniel jancardaniel

    Or not?

  • 1d ago ethan_me73 ethan_me73

    To all who freaking out about this, the attack was an enforcement of a treaty they violated. Chemical weapons were banned. The missile strike was intended to destroy the chemical weapons and the airport the bombers took off from. Death by these chemical weapons is one of the worst and most painful ways to die. There is a reason why were banned and why this should be enforced.

  • 1d ago the_wooleyman the_wooleyman

    @realdonaldtrump Mr President, did you not see the rebels used chemical weapon's as well in the days following the missle strike on Syrian airbases. Your Syria policy is flawed and you must not get involved in this civil war. If you wish to defeat ISIS this isn't the way to do it. With the help of our strikes IS started a new offensive in eastern Syria. .

  • 1d ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    This was a good decision, while Oboma sat around and did nothing, Trump is making a statement, the next day they hide their war planes which means they got the memo they don't have to material to bomb us. He made a firm statement not to kill with the chemicals again and he make it click.

  • 1d ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    @kktumblrslimez they killed a bunch of people in there country using these chemicals that are the most painful death, he made a statement not to do it again and they haven't it was for the best. They were killing innocent people for the fun of it. They broke a treaty we had.

  • 1d ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    @emmiechi he bombed their war sigh NOT children😂 and plus THEY were killing in covert families and broke our treaty he made a stamens not to kill innocent people. The next day they hide their war planes which is a sign he made it click

  • 1d ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    @riddhiselena THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY! read the paper! They could drive a truck through ppl, but when we boned their only war plane Deviant enough and they hide their other one the net day, that means trumps statement clicked! They broke a treaty we had!

  • 1d ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    @emmiechi Plus Korea can't reach us to bomb us, it is highly unlikely Plus they would get Syria 1st and we took care of them. We are the only county in these three (Syria US N Korea) that have the money to go to war. It isn't happing

  • 1d ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    @carollina45830 You must not even know the situation. The reason we bombed them is Bc they were killing innocent ppl with the most deadly chemical which is they most painful death.They don't have the money to bomb us. Trump was simply making a statement to leave innocent ppl alone, plus it was their air base. Which is huge SO NO CHILDREN WERE KILLED

  • 1d ago emmiechi emmiechi

    @_kenzieee16 I'm not smart 😂

  • 22h ago _kenzieee16 _kenzieee16

    @emmiechi that wasn't meant to be rude! Oops sorry if so! God Bless

  • 21h ago emmiechi emmiechi

    @_kenzieee16 thank you for telling me but before I didn't understand because I heard a lot of rumours about that. Im not offended lol.

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