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Asked for an overview of my airport. As you can see, the main runway dissects the airport and separated the scheduled and cargo areas from the FBO and VIP ramp. Taxiway Echo next to the hangar that leads to runway 32 will be changed to a fuel depot and spare parking as well as a fire hall #model #airport #GuelphAirport #Guelph #CYGU #ModelAirport #aviation #flight

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  • 101w ago mtjfan19 mtjfan19

    Does that go over your bed a little? Do you hit it while you sleep sometimes?

  • 101w ago guelphairport guelphairport

    @mtjfan78 no, this is at my parents house and this is kind of a "spare" bedroom. I am allowed to keep my airport up even though i don't live there anymore. And where I live now is far too cramped for it, but my girl and i are looking for a new place with a second bedroom

  • 101w ago modelaviator modelaviator


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