Instagram post by @mayamade Maya Pagán

Time to start "forcing" forsythia!


  • 16w ago baywoven baywoven

    We always call it "coaxing". Just sounds happier and you know those blossoms just want to be out 🌼

  • 16w ago mayamade mayamade

    @baywoven I love that. I'll coax some apple blossoms next! But I do kind of like the play on words with forsythia!

  • 16w ago facetfully facetfully

    Say that 5 times fast...with a lisp! Shame on me!

  • 16w ago amber_dusick amber_dusick

    I found a blooming bush today that I just posted about. Didn't know you could force it, I'll remember that for next year now that I know what it is.

  • 15w ago niknaknan niknaknan

    Heralding spring!

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