Instagram post by @realdonaldtrump President Donald J. Trump

Meeting in the Oval earlier this evening. #TeamTrumpBTS #USA


  • 57w ago clawless92 clawless92

    Is this a klan meeting but you all forgot your dresses?

  • 57w ago tropicoolslimes tropicoolslimes

    Your such a monster 😡

  • 57w ago bad_boy_0049 bad_boy_0049

    ری استارت تنها راه نجات

  • 57w ago peachesme peachesme

    YOU are a disgrace, Trump. #makingamericasickagain

  • 57w ago mohamadhzz mohamadhzz


  • 57w ago vaneeorozcos vaneeorozcos


  • 57w ago maryann_in_florida maryann_in_florida

    I am so happy l backed you all the way.

  • 56w ago emlyn_whetton emlyn_whetton

    Everyone hates you

  • 56w ago lindseyxtammaro lindseyxtammaro


  • 56w ago luckymanhikes luckymanhikes

    Who won the prize for being most evil?

  • 56w ago 1_nd_only_king 1_nd_only_king

    Not a good angle😬

  • 56w ago cuhlowe cuhlowe

    It's a toupee

  • 55w ago danoro97 danoro97

    Using a black and white filter to hide Steve Bannons ugliness.#JustTrumpyThings @ SteveBannon, yeah I wouldn't have an official Instagram either.

  • 54w ago _fl17_o _fl17_o

    You are e as

  • 31w ago s2a0j0a0d s2a0j0a0d


  • 31w ago s2a0j0a0d s2a0j0a0d


  • 31w ago seyedehsan1372 seyedehsan1372

    مرگ بر آمریکا

  • 4w ago alerta231 alerta231


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