Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

1w ago

Ugh. This one did not turn out the way I had hoped. But that's the thing about daily art. If every single one is beautiful and perfect it probably means you're not taking any risks. In my opinion, taking risks is the key to growing as an artist and not just doing the same thing over and over. So even though I hate the result here, I'm going to call today a success because I tried something and it didn't work. Now I know. πŸ’‘ #100daysof15minuteBALZERfaces 14/100
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  • 1w ago plainjanescraps plainjanescraps

    I like it!

  • 1w ago nohatabrizi nohatabrizi

    I love it !

  • 1w ago jollyblonde jollyblonde

    beautifully said!

  • 1w ago edvasims edvasims

    I'm LOVING your 100 days - I look forward to seeing your faces everyday... πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

  • 1w ago mtnpntr mtnpntr

    I think it is striking and beautiful.

  • 1w ago nosoybasura nosoybasura

    Love it!

  • 1w ago craftwithmay craftwithmay

    Yes!!!! ❀ take the risks and love the "ick" ones. They teach us the most. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • 1w ago goatsandgranola goatsandgranola

    I like her. She's perfectly imperfect

  • 1w ago paulahardestyart paulahardestyart

    Well I think it's awesome

  • 1w ago concernedowl concernedowl

    And knowing is half the battle.... 😜

  • 1w ago caterinaedintorni caterinaedintorni

    True words and beautiful work πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

  • 1w ago hudsonsailor27 hudsonsailor27

    I was just working on a journal page, hated it. I learned from watching you, think about what it is I didn't like, added more paint and kept going. What face will appear next?

  • 1w ago leslietuckerjenison leslietuckerjenison

    I like this one, & totally agree with your point of view. You just have to keep making stuff!

  • 1w ago lisabe66 lisabe66

    This is one of my favorites πŸ˜ƒ

  • 1w ago alwayscurious2016 alwayscurious2016

    It's amazing to watch you do this!

  • 1w ago thepaperaddiction thepaperaddiction

    I love her 😍

  • 1w ago aniroc_artistiq aniroc_artistiq

    Beautiful work

  • 1w ago bernadetteg.trujillo bernadetteg.trujillo

    Beauty in the eyes of the beholder. I LOVE this one!!!!!!

  • 1w ago kellyannelarson kellyannelarson

    I LOVE this one!!!! Oh, ha, @bernadetteg.trujillo I looked above my comment as I was typing and laughed, while wondering if it would sound the same if we said it out loud!

  • 1w ago faaaaaaaaaaaith faaaaaaaaaaaith

    Oh magnificent!

  • 1w ago thewonderbasement thewonderbasement

    I totally agree! I read a book about Chiluly, the glass artist. He said you never know how far something will go until you break it! I love the freedom it gives an artist to explore.

  • 1w ago jestinedesigns jestinedesigns


  • 1w ago jbharts56 jbharts56

    She is lovely!

  • 1w ago graced_out graced_out

    Julie - I adore this one!

  • 1w ago anikazebron anikazebron

    Totally resonate with this! Thanks for posting & sharing.

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