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3w ago

Get your questions ready! I'll be doing a Reddit AMA this Tuesday at 10 a.m. EDT (Toronto time). Want to know more about the new We Animals Archive, using photography to fight for animals, humane education, or what it's like to work in different countries? Ask me anything!
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  • 3w ago lysianecf lysianecf

    Oh no, get ready for trolls though 😑 is there a moderator?

  • 3w ago megankwasniak megankwasniak

    Yes! I wish I wasn't working :( I would love to learn about animal photography and how to use it to their benefit world wide

  • 3w ago cuminspice cuminspice

    Downloaded Reddit so I can read and maybe participate!

  • 3w ago c_rutherford c_rutherford

    Oh!! Very cool!! 😄

  • 3w ago therealpishi therealpishi


  • 3w ago corinnezupko corinnezupko

    💖 💖 🙏

  • 3w ago mieszkoo mieszkoo

    😍❤ i love IT 😊

  • 3w ago accesschiropracticgnv accesschiropracticgnv


  • 5d ago prince.oli prince.oli

    Damn I missed this, can you read it retrospectively? How can keen amateur photographers do something useful with their photography interest? I want to make a positive difference to animal welfare rather than just becoming another trophy hunting wildlife photographer.

  • 4d ago weanimals weanimals

    @prince.oli Hi! You can read over the whole AMA on reddit! Search for my name and you should find it right away 😊

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