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#throwbackthursday The #Jeffersonian before (pilot) and after. #Bones


  • 76w ago xomusicismylife xomusicismylife

    No it kills me :(

  • 76w ago addie_93 addie_93

    oh dear, :'

  • 76w ago iamlladoc iamlladoc

    Stop. γ… γ… 

  • 76w ago jeninten jeninten

    Still can't believe it's over.

  • 76w ago wellsbones wellsbones

    Oh, this is so bittersweet.

  • 76w ago just_me_b.tch just_me_b.tch

    Oh no... 😭

  • 76w ago totoro1040 totoro1040


  • 76w ago almitha_cervantes15 almitha_cervantes15


  • 76w ago ohhelloarianna ohhelloarianna

    first photo is cool. second photo, not so much. 🀒

  • 76w ago staelguimaraess staelguimaraess


  • 76w ago returntoeasy returntoeasy


  • 76w ago paperroxas paperroxas

    😱 I found season 12 on Hulu. Needless to say I'm binge watching after work

  • 76w ago michaelstandart michaelstandart

    It would be nice if a made for TV movie was made of this, perhaps as something of a "Look into the future" follow on.

  • 76w ago erin_kerns erin_kerns


  • 76w ago _laura_rizo_ _laura_rizo_

    12 years inolvidables!!

  • 76w ago gin13baktun gin13baktun

    Unforgettable ❀️❀️❀️

  • 76w ago hello_its_july_ hello_its_july_

    It was so beautiful... Such a nice place to rock forensics! And it's all gone now... :/ Sad to see Bones ending, althoug season 12 is yet to come in Germany πŸ˜£πŸ˜„

  • 76w ago gabbydanback gabbydanback


  • 76w ago dyalme23 dyalme23

    Miss u ready πŸ’ž

  • 76w ago ceceliarobbie ceceliarobbie

    NOOOOOO!!! Why did this have to end?!

  • 76w ago grape_mother grape_mother


  • 76w ago nellsuhu nellsuhu

    12 years

  • 76w ago bcornell211 bcornell211

    So not happy with the series finale! Love the show and watched it since day one- absolutely adore the books- bit that last and final episode, not up to par in my opinion - sorry not sorry

  • 76w ago megumixo megumixo

    Thank you @kathyreichs for 12 years of bonrs and a guidance to my career

  • 76w ago elenimanioti1 elenimanioti1

    So sad to see Jeffersonian destroyed, but thank you for making us happy all these years with this incredible show, bones has helped me to become a better person, I might be a little depressed for the next few months but the good thing is that the ending was great after all when the time comes the show will start again only the Jeffersonian family will now be bigger and I do hope the things turn out like we imagined it, Aubrey ends up with Karen, Angela and Hodgins have a maybe blind boy, Christine becomes a cars salesman, Hank joins the Fbi, you will figure it out hahah, thank you so much for creating bones it has been a big part of my life every summer I re watch all the episodes waiting for the new season to come out only this time there won't be one but that won't stop me to watch at least one episode before going to bed bones will always be a big part of my life, thank you!!!

  • 76w ago dyasdarcy dyasdarcy

    I wish more bones episodes! Can't believe bones really over. 😯

  • 76w ago clutterfarr clutterfarr

    So sad. 😒

  • 76w ago ginger_and_daisy_doxies ginger_and_daisy_doxies

    Still can't believe it's over - it may be time for a marathon πŸ˜‰

  • 76w ago peacharwen77 peacharwen77

    It was an incredible show! Thank you again for your characters!!

  • 76w ago minou30 minou30

    I think that space was put to very good use and it went out the only way an Epic place should...with a Bang!!!β€οΈπŸ’€ forever. There'll never be enough thanks in the World for your inspiration and #harthanson 's visionary brilliance. THANK YOU!

  • 76w ago dellastreetpm dellastreetpm

    Thank you for making it possible for us to imagine where everyone will be, and that they will continue to do wonderful things as well as catch the bad guys. Will be counting down the months before Zach will join them again, too. πŸ˜‰ Miss them already, though.


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