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Meet Olive. She's a full blooded Apache on her dad's side. Every summer they go out west for tribal meetings together and since she was little it tickled to her tinnitus end that her mom can't partake. Just her and Dad. She's fiercely proud of her Native American heritage and will work with all her being to promote rights for native Americans and their lands, cultures and heritages. But she also knows on her mom's side she's the descendant of fairly recent European immigrants, who came here for a better life. Olive knows that's super important too and a big part of politics these days. She hopes her unique perspective can help her be a voice for reason and equality. #watercolorpencils #dissentispatriotic #protestart #awomansplaceisintheresistance #dresslikeawoman #resistanceisworthit #meetthewomen_kms


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