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The We Animals Archive is now live (and the image requests are already coming in)! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has offered your support and gratitude for this project. Hearing how you plan to use these images to speak up for animals has shown us how needed and timely this resource is and has made every hour we've put into bringing it to life worth it. We are all in this movement together, for the animals. Thank you, and please enjoy using the We Animals Archive!

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  • 19w ago markperez markperez


  • 19w ago lkuophoto lkuophoto

    Amazing. Kills me. I have the same manifesto through my work. We can make a difference

  • 19w ago daniscicluna daniscicluna

    This photograph is the breathtaking reality that humans ignore. Thanks for this. #govegan ❤️

  • 19w ago tamarmeyer tamarmeyer

    Congrats on the archive!!xox

  • 19w ago lisa_drw lisa_drw

    Thank you so much for allowing me to share your photos ❤

  • 19w ago cuteveggirl cuteveggirl

    Soooo sad. Places use there nose as a bread type for sandwiches. Makes me soooo damn mad💔 and sad and sick etc

  • 19w ago ftlaapparel ftlaapparel

    Love you Jo! You are amazing!!

  • 19w ago notanotherburger notanotherburger

    My favourite image of yours. 🐽 Karen on pig island right? I'm so thankful for that group of amazing activists and Toronto Pig Save. I'm so glad this one was in your greeting cards, I'm keeping that card for ever 💕 Thanks for sharing the archives & for all that you do.

  • 19w ago bonniejill bonniejill

    Keep up the fantastic work!!!

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