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A few turns into my Snowboarding career and I'm thinking what a prodigy I must be to be this good already, then I fell, then she laughed, to hell with this thing, to hell with these comfortable boots !


  • 104w ago ryanhaake ryanhaake

    Mad style points too 😌

  • 104w ago orionabben orionabben

    @ryanhaake I seriously thought I was like 2 weeks out from filming with T-Rice now my tailbone hurts bad 😰

  • 104w ago ryanhaake ryanhaake

    Haha shoot you'd be giving T-Rice a run for his money in know time. Double cork natural features into no fall zones. Fuck yeah

  • 104w ago shredalicious shredalicious

    You're a natural. You'll be doing backflips in no time. #abbengenes

  • 104w ago anaazaldegui anaazaldegui

    The first part of your run says it all. You are a natural

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