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My son just completed his Eagle Project! Given to the Horses4Heroes program, that helps Veterans struggling with PTSD through working with horses, Zerick created a site of calm reflection for all the heroes that wear their scars on the inside. Please visit Tule Springs park and the Horses4Heroes program to support this wonderful organization!! #SelfieWithSarge #EagleProject #BSA #troop340 #horses4heroes #PTSD #woundedwarrior #tulesprings


  • 105w ago esmegurl_ esmegurl_

    That's so awesome can't wait to see it in person 😊🙌🏼

  • 105w ago shoebox59 shoebox59

    This sounds like a great project! All 3 of our sons are Eagles! 🇺🇸

  • 105w ago thegracefillednest thegracefillednest


  • 105w ago relliegbee1002 relliegbee1002

    OMG this is filled with so much awesomeness that I'm proud! Way to go Mom and Son!

  • 105w ago mknudsen5 mknudsen5

    Wow so fast 😫 I can't seem to get Kobe and Aaron to care enough about getting Eagle :( so proud of your son !!

  • 105w ago bcseps13 bcseps13

    Omg! Congrats Z!!

  • 105w ago a.bagley a.bagley

    I can't believe he is getting so big I am so proud of you all I have an amazing nephew

  • 105w ago vegas_born_80 vegas_born_80

    Wow! This is so awesome!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 104w ago _ashley_noel_ _ashley_noel_

    Love this!

  • 103w ago farmhousepicks farmhousepicks

    Thanks for sharing threebeans, great feed!

  • 95w ago indemandman indemandman

    Your vibe is inspiring!

  • 94w ago thami.santiagozf thami.santiagozf

    threebeans - Sepulveda, Curtidas de graça no www.igseguidores .com (27/06 14:26) #ZrSjCfOeGA

  • 88w ago psercia psercia

    Your content rocks 👍

  • 77w ago askedithaboutbizplans askedithaboutbizplans

    Your post rocks :) 💯 🔝

  • 27w ago good.rae.dunning good.rae.dunning

    Nice Post!.

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