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Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

I made these Easter eggs many years ago, when I was in high school. The shiny ones are painted and then decoupaged with foil from candy wrappers and magazine cutouts. The white ones are handpainted, then decorated with little bread dough flowers and leaves. The eggs are real chicken eggs that I blew out and covered with a thin layer of tissue paper, then gessoed. I had lost track of these eggs and thought they were long gone, but my mother had kept them all these years - through a divorce, multiple moves, many jobs, a remarriage, illness and more. Mothers do keep everything. ( ̄∇ ̄) I was really happy to encounter these eggs again. Except - they've deteriorated badly. The colors have faded so much that I can barely tell what they were supposed to be, the bread dough flowers have tiny insect holes in them, and the rose on the egg in the top left is sporting a fluffy fringe of mold. So I've taken pictures of them, and will now relegate them to the trash bin. ^_^; I guess we all fade over time after all. But just seeing these eggs again reminded me of that time, when I had no money but so many dreams, always itching to create something. Maybe it's possible recapture that restless energy again...or maybe it's gone forever. In any case, Happy Easter if you celebrate it! #easter #eastereggs


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