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Instagram post by @realdonaldtrump President Donald J. Trump

#Repost @flotus
Looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll at the @WhiteHouse on Monday!


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    @spoon.master11 not citizens his wife

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    If' the president cares about the air we breathe he needs to stop climate engineering, chem trails

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    What? @selfphones

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    We need a peace in this world. NOT WAR!

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    It wasn't planned by Donald , the person who painted it is in the bottom left corner. @selfphones

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    Painted *** @selfphones

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    Easter is passed,its my favorite time of year, I know my Savior, died for my Sins, but this year my husband and I celebrated our new President..

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    Very nice beautiful👍

  • 8w ago janice_mac janice_mac

    @realdonaldtrump what's an atheist know about the resurrection ?

  • 7w ago janice_mac janice_mac

    @sam_wassel no. He claims to be Pentecostal but the only time he's been in church was around the inauguration and he admitted he was an atheist in an interview in the 1980s. Is it possible he's changed his mind ? Maybe. Does he act like a Christian??? Heck no!!

  • 7w ago janice_mac janice_mac

    @sam_wassel you think Trumpf is smart???? 😂😅😂😆😂 it misspells three letter words and can barely string together a coherent sentence, not to mention he misquoted American History with the whole Andrew Jackson thing, didn't remember what country he bombed and doesn't understand whether a weak or strong dollar is good for the economy. Also, I don't see how stating the fact he said himself he was an atheist is any way complaining about the miserable job he's doing part time president ing between golf rounds

  • 7w ago janice_mac janice_mac

    @sam_wassel again, what complaint did I post?? I didn't complain. Second- Trumpf has spent 30% of his time in office on vacation or golfing... why are bringing Hillary into a discussion about Trunpfs lack of religion?? What does that have to do with anything?? And the "rest of America"... 60% of the population, not to mention the majority of Europe and other North American countries oppose him. Go to bed.

  • 7w ago janice_mac janice_mac

    @sam_wassel you guys? What guys? I asked the same thing repeatedly because you didn't answer. It's clear you're 16. I have a masters degree. Graduate, get some life experience and come back.

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    block me

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    you prick

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    @janice_mac Are you seriously listening to that bull crap about him playing golf all the time and you call Trump stupid wow?

  • 6w ago locoraptor_160 locoraptor_160

    @janice_mac also you don't have to act like a Christian to be a Christian

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    Were I like thee I'd throw away myself.

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    #☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️ #Father #WAKEMEUP #GOD❣️ #UPS❣️🦋

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